How do I: Set up my planner

Before we talk tips and tricks, we must know where we begin.

Photo of my FoxyDori planner system
A FoxyDori in “Majesty” with added pen-holder and 4 elastics inside

After years of experimentation, I have been living in a traveler’s notebook setup using the Bullet Journal system.  Very briefly, a Traveler’s Notebook (also called Midori or “TN”) is a cover that holds several notebooks inside with elastic.  There are a dizzying number of options, but I ordered my purple leather cover from FoxyDori (TheFoxyFix) in the “wide” size to fit a standard A5 book… aka I need a lot of room. What I love about this system is that it’s separate categories, but still all in one place. In school I tried to have a different notebook for classes… and a month into the year I inevitably consolidated down to one trusty notebook.  This has happened more times than I care to admit! So I have embraced the idea that I am a one-notebook kind of gal.

How I set up my FoxyDori

I LOVE my Foxy and have fought many urges to get a second (for what? I’m not sure – therein lies the danger!).  Inside I have 3 notebooks that I currently get from MayDesigns and Moleskine.  If I’m honest, I will probably not use Moleskines after I move through this pack – the paper is far too thin for me.

My three inserts/notebooks are for:

  1. A planner (upper right). I design a weekly layout with a modified Bullet Journal (also called BuJo) system inside. This notebook will cycle through quicker than the others
  2. Notes for work, indexed ala the BuJo system which makes it easier to find
  3. Lists/Collections that I want to stay with me for longer like “Last Time I…” for car and home maintenance, log of appointments for my cats, health issues, vacation planning, gifts, and plans for friends’ weddings (oh to be in your late 20s!).

I also have a pocket zipper that holds samples of washi, stickers, and different Instagram challenges I’m following as well as a DIY dashboard holding sticky notes.  When I’m traveling, I have a modified system, which I will tell you about later!  Now that you know what my set up is, I can share more about how I use it as I follow along with #planwithmeaugust. Until then, have a great week!


12 thoughts on “How do I: Set up my planner

  1. Love that you post your writing practice! I’m always wanting to improve/tweak my hand lettering. Look forward to seeing your posts on #planwithmeaugust!


  2. Interesting that you probably won’t use Moleskine much longer – I’m the Moleskine Queen and have been using their notebooks of all sizes for years and years. What kind of pens do you use which creates problems? Just curious, as I’m about to start my planner/journaling journey with the soon-to-arrive FoxyDori! (And I’ve just bought a whole set of new pens …)


    1. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for reading! I use a Bic Triumph pen, which is a rollerball gel (I think) – the ink is super vibrant and shows through the back. I also use a lot of markers when I letter, which tend to ghost a little bit. I would love to see how you use your FoxyDori – I LOVE mine 🙂


  3. Hello! just saw your page on instagram and had to visit the website! i always loved to write and organize everything but i was always kinda lost. So amazed with your work here. Reading all your posts. Really helping me a lot!!!!! thanks. kisses


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