My stuff: Pens

Since I was young, I’ve always LOVED pens and markers. Some see this as probably a strange obsession, hoarding, or unnecessary, but especially the Bullet Journal community knows that your pen is your tool.  Finding favorite pens was is like a never ending and joyful hunt. Over time and through decades (whoa that’s weird) of … More My stuff: Pens

How do I: Begin?!

One of my favorite friends and lifestyle blogger Bailey (The Daily Bailey B) has been enchanted by our Planner Community and immediately commenced to learning everything she could about Bullet Journals, inserts, and stickers. (It’s a spiral, I tell you) Anyway, she asked me a few questions that really reminded me there are a LOT of … More How do I: Begin?!

How do I: Add my personality to my planner?

As I discuss in my set up post, I begin my planner system with very plain gridded/dot grid notebooks and draw in my weekly layouts.  Since I essentially draw my whole bullet journal planner out, it is completely customizable the whole way through.  Here are a few ways I add personality to my simple planner: My Notebook cover. … More How do I: Add my personality to my planner?