#PlanWithMeAugust Giveaway!

UPDATED 8/2/2015 7:20AM with a few more rules –

In Chinese culture, the number 888 means a lot of luck – the number “8” is pronounced similarly to the word for Fortune and luck.  My parents always pointed this out so it’s stuck with me – so it was pretty awesome to hit 888 followers the other day! I knew I had to do a giveaway, but I’m already keeping track of the #PlanWithMeAugust challenge… so I’m going to cheat and combine them.  Planner efficiency, y’all.

Items listed for giveaway

This community has been so awesome to be a part of, and you all have provided me inspiration, wisdom, and general connection over something we love.  So I wanted to share some of the things that I love in a Favorite Things giveaway.  You can see some Target Dollar Spot page flags and sticky notes (my favorite line so far!), a MayDesigns book with gridded paper inside (which I use in my Midori/Bullet Journal set up), some of my favorite washi tapes right now (I just picked some of them up in Vancouver), calendar stickers from IKEA, and a sampling of my fave writing utensils including a Daiso brush pen, the infamous Gelly Roll, Sharpies, a Stabilo felt tip, and yes, A TOMBOW dual brush!!

Rules are:

  1. Follow along with me @prettyprintsandpaper (also check out my co-host Kim @TinyRayofSunshine, though it’s not required to be part of my personal giveaway) on Instagram.
  2. Check out the #PlanWithMeAugust challenge and choose a few prompts to be part of – take a photo and share your response on Instagram and tag it with the hashtag #PlanWithMeAugust. Don’t just repost my photo, join in on the conversation and the challenge!
  3. Each appropriate tag is an entry, and I’ll randomly select a winner partway through the challenge on August 15th.
  4. For those who want to participate in the challenge but not the giveaway, no worries – if you are selected, you have the option of passing on the prize to give to the next person.
  5. For PRIVATE accounts, I won’t pressure you to make your account public – just tag @prettyprintsandpaper in any of your #PlanWithMeAugust posts so I can see it and it will count.
  6. For now, only open in the USA – I am so sorry international friends. I am working on a decent way to mail stuff internationally in the future.

Good luck, all!!



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