How do I: Add my personality to my planner?

As I discuss in my set up post, I begin my planner system with very plain gridded/dot grid notebooks and draw in my weekly layouts.  Since I essentially draw my whole bullet journal planner out, it is completely customizable the whole way through.  Here are a few ways I add personality to my simple planner:

My Notebook cover. My planner is housed inside a purple FoxyNotebook, stamped with my monogram. A simple but powerful choice, because it is so visible. Maybe I’ll go teal next time?!
the MayDesigns books I use in my planner

Notebook/insert covers.  Most of my inserts are currently from MayDesigns.  As many seasoned TN-Planners know, the options for inserts are ENDLESS, so even the cover shows off some of your personality.  I am all over the gold-foil and jewel-tone watercolor train these days, so it becomes pretty clear that my planner style (much like my clothing style) is simple with pops of bold color.

Lettering.  If you don’t know, you will soon learn I love handlettering.  I put some of that love into my weekly spreads, my notes, and list headers.  I currently use a 0.5mm Bic Triumph in my weeklies, and then a variety of Stabilo and brush pens.

Example of how I use washi and stickers in my plannerStickers, washi, ephemera. I do enjoy using these pretty things to add flair.  I’ll washi-tape in my monthly calendar, use thin washi from Michael’s craft store to outline my layouts, or add the occasional decorative piece.  My favorite stickers are usually the more functional ones, like yoga poses, cleaning icons, and banners.  On Instagram I follow so many artists who have beautiful spreads with scrapbook ephemera, kawaii stickers – but it’s just not me.  Bold classics – that’s my jam.  Some of my favorite sticker sellers are:

  • The Reset Girl – awesome banners, flags, and shapes
  • Milas Print Shop – cute tiny icons for different tasks
  • One Orange Snowflake – great functional stickers but also… ADORABLE elephant and penguin stickers. Those I caved and bought.
  • …I’ll let you know of other favorites once I actually press “purchase” on any of the oh, 68 items sitting in my Etsy cart.

So planner personality doesn’t have to be distinct or obvious, but it can also be subtle, simple, and in ways that are just pen and paper.  That’s what I love about these sort of extensions of our minds – they are so obviously ours.  Can’t wait to see how you all add your own flair to your systems!




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