#PlanWithMeChallenge – are you in?

Have you recently gotten started planning, or are searching for ideas and inspiration on how to refine your system? Or do you have some great tips you use to get stuff done or set up a system?

Let’s come together for the second month of the Plan With Me Challenge – hosted by Kim @tinyrayofsunhine and me @prettyprintsandpaper, we hope we can have some fun and share some practical ideas to make planners work for us.

Check it out here! Are you in?




4 thoughts on “#PlanWithMeChallenge – are you in?

  1. I always had a knack for writing, & a natural talent for sketching. I’ve kept journal’s for as long as I can remember. Lately, I have NOT BEEN WRITING AT ALL. I’ve neglected to even take the personal time for it & I’ve found that I haven’t sketched lately either…with that said, A strike of creativity hit me! (Finnaly!) & with a bit of online reading I came across the bullet journal idea. Immediately I knew that was exactly what I needed in my life! Once I read about the bullet journals I didn’t found it plan with me challenge and Here I am so hopefully I can do this I think I got this!


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