How do I: Balance multiple projects

As someone who has a natural gift for planning, I find myself managing multiple projects at home and at work.  At work we are all in charge of a dozen different endeavors for our office as well as teaching, which can be chaotic at times.  At home, I’m usually coordinating a big gift, bachelorette parties and showers, helping friends plan weddings, gatherings, trips, and so on. Most days it’s great – and some days I get a little overwhelmed.

September was a rough transition from a slower pace of summer to a highly interruptive, fast-paced fall semester.  I’m teaching two classes now on top of what projects I was already managing, and gearing up for a VERY full October with many events and, you guessed it, weddings.  So yesterday I had to do this:

Multiple Projects

I’d call this a slightly more organized version of a brain dump or rapid log.  I felt like so many different details were living in my brain and I had to get them out somewhere else.  This highlights just a few of the things I was holding onto.  It felt so much better afterwards, because I felt like I knew what was left, and understand the full scope of what was to come with each one.

My next step after this is adding little tasks to my weekly layout to keep plugging away at each one until at last, completion!

How do you balance multiple projects? What am I missing??




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