My October Set Up

To pair with today’s #PlanWithMeChallenge prompt, I wanted to highlight parts of my October set up.

My October Setup

I still have my trusty FoxyDori traveler’s notebook cover (about 8.5″ x 6″) to hold 3 inserts.  I just scored a beautiful pink cover from the big Clearance sale a few weeks ago, and I’m debating moving into it in the next few weeks – but I really want to just have no more than two covers.  It’s such a trap to keep buying a ton of stuff – and one of the things I want to work on is being content with what I have.

Inside, I have a collection of different notebooks – a fresh YellowPaperHouse dot grid for my bullet journal (because lists), a gridded May Designs notebook for a daily log (jotting a few thoughts down every day), and a Moleskine grid for Notes and Collections (for lists, ideas, project planning, tracking histories of things, etc)

October Monthly
My monthly for October in my bullet journal (@prettyprintsandpaper)

My Monthly spreads have been the Last Frontier in my modified Bullet Journal – the original lists didn’t work for me, so I tried the standard monthly grid like I’m used to in other planners.  I’d decorate it and mark my events… then literally never look at them! So in August I tried a different strategy, and printed off a blank calendar for daily doodling challenges. Nope, never happened.

This month I’m ditching the calendar altogether in favor of a Monthly task list in different categories, and space for October Instagram challenges.  I KNOW I will refer to those pages, and perhaps keep the other planning on my Google Calendar.  I think this will work!

October weekly

And of course, my beloved weekly layout. Here, I have adapted slightly.

  • I added weather, because Minnesota weather is crazy and I’ve walked out with so many incorrect outfits
  • I added a few circles (ala original Bullet Journal legend) to indicate big meetings I’d have or the classes I teach that day – because it then makes sense why I didn’t get a lot of tasks done that day
  • The cute lanterns for my liquids tracker – I have to find the name of the gal on Instagram who inspired me, but it’s just plain cute.
  • My tasks and money tracker have stayed the same but I added a flag “For Others” since I’m in the midst of doing a lot for other people right now

Well there you have it, folks! That’s how I getting things done in October – how about you?




6 thoughts on “My October Set Up

  1. What do the letters at the bottom of your daily schedule blocks mean? “HL $ GA”
    I like your layout, still working on my daily and definitely going to try your new monthly – I was exactly like you, did the traditional BuJo monthly list and then never looked back.


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