#PlanWithMeChallenge November & October Reflections

October has FLOWN BY – can you believe it? It has been quite busy the past few weeks and will be busy the next few as well – it’s mid-term time at the University and I’m drowning in the grading for both classes.  I’ll try to come up with something useful for you all soon!

In the meantime… join me and Kim on Instagram for November’s #PlanWithMeChallenge.  It’s incredible the wisdom and knowledge that folks bring to the community – how everyone has found a way to create a system that helps them create their best life.  As I wrap up October here are a few things I am carrying with me to the next month:

  • I am loving the 5 days for my weekly spread, and a whole page for the weekend
  • I want to do more weekly reviews to make the most out of my weeks.  My fear is being someone who is sleepwalking through my life, going from task to task without thinking – this habit would help mitigate that.
  • I want to limit the number of evening commitments I make per week, and number of meetings I have per day.  Without the space to sit and actually act on the tasks, they are rendered a bit useless
  • Looks like I need to recommit to the gym in November…

Can’t wait to get started! What are you carrying into November?




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