My November Bullet Journal Set-Up

Finally I feel like I can breathe. The last 5 weeks have been very full.  They were all commitments I had made, and it was the struggle to follow through on them – weddings, grading, camping, family in town, anniversaries, other celebrations.  I found myself in a state of depletion.  My intention for November, although the holidays are picking up, is to revisit boundaries and limits.  October was definitely a phase, but I want to make room for breathing (read: sleeping).

Based on the lessons I learned from October, I set up something new for November.  Here’s a little show and tell – sorry for the wonky coloring… will update this post when I fix it!

November MonthlyMy Monthly View. Last month I simply ditched the whole monthly calendar thing. I never looked at it – I was only looking at Google Calendar.  So I tossed it and went to a categorized monthly task list and Instagram Challenge reference tool. I messed up my title – I was about to relive October – so I covered it up with this fun Washi Tape I got in Vancouver.

November Tracking

At this point the lettering challenges I wanted to do hadn’t been posted, but I left a page for them! And here is where I’ve gathered my monthly expense and habit trackers.  I was keeping track of expenses week to week, but it was hard to tally up these different categories by month’s end.  In the interest of seeing the real expenses on these things I just made a page for them.  At the top I wanted to focus on just a few habits (with boxes to be filled in when I do them) rather than what I’ve done in the past which was like, 20.  It got cumbersome and hard to keep up with so hopefully this works better.

November Weekly

Expanded Weeklies. Wow that comes up QUITE lime-y in this photo doesn’t it?? I will adjust that but for now, this is what I’m doing with my week.  Like I said from October, I rather love the 5 days spread and the separate page for the weekend + reflection.  I washi taped this to tip in mainly because I don’t want to hit the end of my YellowPaperHouse insert before December! But I rather like the possibility of being able to have these separate reflections be removable for archiving…

So there you have it! That’s what I’ve got going on so far this month, and I’m looking forward to creepin’ on your photos for November too.




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