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GoalsOne of the biggest pros of the Bullet Journal system is the way you keep Collections in one place.  I was always a list maker and rapid-logger of various things – errands to run, gifts to give, trips to coordinate, books to read… all on Post-Its and half-filled notebooks littered around my apartment. Then I discovered the Bullet Journal and the concept of collections all in one place.

In my Traveler’s Notebook system, I have an insert devoted to these Collections. This way, they would be more enduring than my Planning insert, which is dedicated to my weekly planning layouts. The best part is that I can just turn the page and start something new.  Some lists aren’t surprising, and others are more unique. I have noticed I keep a few types of collections – archiving information for future reference, planning larger projects, and tracking progress and development.

A lot of Bullet Journalists wonder about what lists people keep, so here’s a peek into a few of the lists I’ve kept:

  • Favorite quotes

    Christmas Planning
    Organizing my thoughts for Holiday planning – anchored in my values around this season. @prettyprintsandpaper
  • Words I love
  • Books to read
  • Places to check out around Minneapolis
  • Gift ideas
  • FSA expenses (to make sure I reconcile them!!)
  • Wishlist
  • Project milestones at work
  • Health (ailments, illnesses)
  • Car info (services, issues)
  • Checks (to make sure they clear)
  • Sales (sometimes I sell my lettering work)
  • Trip planning (so far Peru, Alaska, and camping trip)
  • Mapping out vacation days that I’m saving and accruing for
  • Blog ideas
  • Event logistics (I helped my cousin plan her wedding)
  • Cats (their care, shots, ailments)
  • Weddings (I’ve been in a few, so outlining the costs, to do items, gifts, etc)
  • Holiday Planning
  • Life mapping (visualizing all the trips, events, things for other people I am managing)
  • Sketchnotes for workshops and lectures I attend
Making sure I can get to all of my commitments next year - in my Bullet Journal I track my vacation days with my accrual to make sure I have some wiggle room. @prettyprintsandpaper
Making sure I can get to all of my commitments next year – in my Bullet Journal I track my vacation days with my accrual to make sure I have some wiggle room. @prettyprintsandpaper

Supplies pictured:

There are so many ways you can use collections – I’m about to migrate to a new notebook and will get to be creative and reflective about what I move over. See my updated collections here! What collections do you keep?



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7 thoughts on “My Collections

  1. Hi Jessica! I just love the idea of keeping a separate notebook for collections. I realize that this is all technically “one notebook” for you since it’s in your MTN but I’m wondering if I might be able to do the same. I’m toying with creating a notebook cove that would house 2 Leuchtturms for this purpose. Or maybe even a Leuchtturm for me dailies/short-term collections and then a cahier-type notebook for my long-term collections (books to read, long-term goals, stuff like that). Oh, the decisions lol.

    Thanks for sharing how you make your BuJo work for you! I love it 🙂


  2. Love your blog and your BuJo advice. I have started a BuJo so many times and then drop it. I am back on the BuJo train and I have made it longer than in the past. Woo Hoo.

    How many journals/log books do you use? Se people seem to put it all in one. Because I am starting again I have so many lists and I am worried that my whole BuJo beginning will just be lists. Advice?!?


    1. You could ask someone who does it in one big notebook, but since I have a midori system I have one insert (a moleskine) dedicated to the collections part of my bullet journal and one insert for the weekly planning. I know some people will skip forward a big hunk to get lists a little distance from their dailies


  3. I found Lovenotebooks years ago and bought 2 or 3 every year. I am a compulsive writer, if I like a quote, I would write it in a Journal next to my computer. Nothing is tidy or organized, just phone numbers all over the page, names all over the place. NOTHING IS ORGANIZED ! People look at the journal and cannot stop laughing. I live in a 1920’s Cottage, that I adore ! Moved from 6,500 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft. I ALWAYS dreamed of decorating my home, however, I had a very high end job and no time. When my Husband was transferred, I decided to do my House. There was a lot to do and I was doing well, I had done a lot of my DREAM. 2 years ago I arrived DOA in TOTAL RENAL FAILURE from a prescribed Antibiotic. I was in the ICU forever, then housebound. The house was a TOTAL MESS ! I am now able to function, I desperately need a HOME ORGANIZING PLANNER. I have not really found anything that is not geared to a Family. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PLANNERS, I HAD A SECRETARY.



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