Gift Wrapping: Adding lettering

This is super late, but so was my semester, so here I am! If you still have gifts to wrap for a delayed Christmas or have other gift-giving occasions, I hope this helps add some personality to your presents. There is a special quality of being able to sit and wrap something really well – and I honestly usually throw my gifts into a bag and add some tissue, but starting last year, kraft paper comes in to save the day.

What you need:

  • A roll of kraft postal paper (shipping section of Target, $5 USD)
  • Bakers twine (I found this in the dollar section of Target, but at any craft supply store like Michael’s or Joann, $1-$3 USD)
  • Wink of Stella brush pen in “glitter white” (Michael’s,, potentially Amazon, $8 USD)
  • You could also use a black Sharpie or other black brush pen in lieu 

First, wrap your box. Postal paper is lovely and much thicker than wrapping paper, and is beautifully simple.

Second, pick a phrase.  For these, I chose “merry, bright,” “joy” and “peace.”  Carefully letter it onto the package.  The white Wink of Stella can take some getting used to because it’s a longer soft brush, so if you are just starting, practice on a separate sheet first!


Third, add twine. Once the ink dries, wrap the twine around it.  It was hard to capture this step, but I wrapped it twice horizontally around the middle, then twisted to change directions to go vertical.

Wrap the twine around twice before twisting to go vertically // @prettyprintsandpaper

Fourth, tie it off and admire! 

2015-12-24 11.43.11 (1)
Add lettering flair to your presents //@prettyprintsandpaper

I’m planning on doing this for all my gifts from now on – if I’m not too lazy next time that is… If you do something similar show me – tag me on Instagram at @prettyprintsandpaper – I’d love to see your style!




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