Are you ready to #RockYourHandwriting?

It’s been a joy going back to analogue – I’ve seen the circulation of articles talking about the many cognitive benefits of writing things down with pen and paper, or the joys of getting snail mail, or the personal touch on a tag or gift.

With increasing numbers of us going back to paper planning, there have also been an increasing number of us wanting to work on our handwriting skills.  It was like discovering muscles I forgot I had when I went from strictly Google docs and phone apps back to my notebooks and FoxyDori – and I’m still working on writing neater. For me it would mean a cleaner fresher page, and slowing down just enough to do it. I’m excited to have a tribe to work on it with!

Won’t you join me, Dee Quine (@DecadeThirty), Kim (@TinyRayofSunshine), and Kara (@Boho.Berry) as we practice our handwriting?  If so, welcome to the #RockYourHandwriting challenge!


  1. Spread the word – the more the merrier with this Instagram challenge, so repost the image below, tag a friend, and use the hashtag #RockYourHandwriting and the other hashtags you usually use.
  2. There are 29 prompts, one for every day – there are a mix of drills, writing prompts, and applications. If it’s a drill, practice writing the words for a page or so – working on consistency.  If it’s a prompt, for example “quote of the day,” then you’d write down whatever quote you want, working on intentionality.  Other things are applications – which means if it’s “Thank you note,” for example, then you’re practicing handwriting doing a familiar task in a new way.  Simply take a photo of your work and share on Instagram with the hashtags.
  3. Take a peek through the hashtag and engage with others in the challenge – like, comment, encourage, and offer feedback.  Most of the joy is doing this in community rather than by ourselves.
  4. Join us when you can, on days you can! It’s an invitation not an expectation – it’s supposed to be a fun way we can all work on our handwriting together, so even if you miss a few days (we all do) just jump back in!
Join @prettyprintsandpaper @tinyrayofsunshine @decadethirty and @boho.berry and work on your handwriting this February! #rockyourhandwriting //
Join @prettyprintsandpaper @tinyrayofsunshine @decadethirty and @boho.berry and work on your handwriting this February! #rockyourhandwriting //

I’m excited – I hope you join us!


7 thoughts on “Are you ready to #RockYourHandwriting?

  1. Jessica I love that you are hosting another amazing challenge! And one that I was going to try to figure out on me own next month anyway because I really want to work on my handwriting! But now you’ve created a community and that is so so much better than going at something alone! Thanks so much for being an inspiration. I love your Instagram and in awe of the beauty you create each day. Your positive mindset is so encouraging and helps me when I’m in a funk! Thanks again!


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