Storing My Supplies

The question that plagues anyone who loves stationery and creative endeavors… where do I store this stuff?

Through a series of experiments I’ve landed on this current set up:

Where do you stationery and planner lovers store all your stuff? A peek at my set-up //
Where do you stationery and planner lovers store all your stuff? A peek at my set-up //

So I’m not going to tidy all this up and pretend like it’s all perfectly organized – because it’s not! But it works well and I love it.  My system sits on about 3 shelves and consists of a few storage boxes and vases from IKEA, a cute dish from TJ Maxx, and an organizer from Target.

First, I went through a lot of my stuff and whittled down the duplicates, the stuff I don’t use, and stuff I could gift to other people.  As a craft supply collector over the years, I wanted to get down to the stuff that I love before arranging it on the shelves.

I like being able to see and easily access my high-use items. As you can imagine, I’m reaching for that spinning organizer every day! I have all my brush pens, doodling pens, paint brushes, ink, glue stick, nibs and nib holders in that organizer.  It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever bought out of the Target Dollar Spot.  I have heard that brush pens should be stored horizontally but currently I don’t have the right thing for that, so vertically will have to do for now.

In the boxes I have other art and crafting supplies that I use much less frequently like papers, ephemera, hot glue gun, stickers, stamps, etc. I could probably store those packs of pens and watercolors in those boxes and tidy up the shelves but I’m an “out of sight out of mind” kind of person so I like to keep these things where I can see them.

So that’s my very simple but functional system.  It works for now but I’m seeing that I’m starting down the fountain pen and pointed pen calligraphy rabbit hole so we’ll see how this holds up! My next KonMari project? Probably that stack of notebooks and extra papers! How do you store your stuff?




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