#RockYourHandwriting in April + Giveaway!

Since the first #RockYourHandwriting challenge, we’ve seen over 16,000 shares on Instagram. WHO KNEW so many of you wanted to work on your handwriting? I hope you saw some progress or other benefits to having time set aside to practice day to day. We’ve decided to make it even MORE fun by making this month’s challenge Won’t … More #RockYourHandwriting in April + Giveaway!

How I Bullet Journal in a Traveler’s Notebook

When I learned about the Bullet Journal system, I was quickly drawn to the option of housing this system inside a traveler’s notebook.  The original bullet journal system is primarily in one notebook — but I quickly realized how much I wanted some semblance of categorization or separation in one place. This led me to the … More How I Bullet Journal in a Traveler’s Notebook

Lettering and Handwriting Worksheets: Roundup

Today on Instagram I posted a photo for the #RockYourHandwriting challenge of all my many handwriting and lettering worksheets and guides – which, turns out, is a lot of them. See exhibit A…. Since so many people are refining their craft, I compiled a list of my favorite folks providing practice guides. So here’s the down … More Lettering and Handwriting Worksheets: Roundup

And the winner is…

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave the rest of you hanging – whether or not you won, I hope you start on your handlettering and brush calligraphy journey! Below, I’ve listed previous posts on what you can do with what you have to develop your own lettering right now. Beginning Handlettering – … More And the winner is…