And the winner is…

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave the rest of you hanging – whether or not you won, I hope you start on your handlettering and brush calligraphy journey! Below, I’ve listed previous posts on what you can do with what you have to develop your own lettering right now.

  • Beginning HandletteringUPDATED post – here I offer a HUGE overview on where to begin, how you can start with lettering and some great starting tools and pens, plus links to some favorite resources and printables
  • A video comparing different brush pens – this is a Periscope replay, so I’m doing my best to edit out the chatting so you can get to the good stuff, which is what each pen is like and what I recommend for starting
  • How to add a Galaxy Effect to your lettering
  • How to letter with colored pencils
  • Flourishing and Free Printable – tips from a total beginner flourisher to add some extra elegance to work
  • My new YouTube showing you how I differentiate between just a few styles (with more to come!)

Like and subscribe for updates as I continue to upload lettering and bullet journal tutorials and overviews on my channel!

With no further ado…

Congratulations, Raven!! You won the #PrettyZigGiveaway!
Congratulations, Raven!! You won the #PrettyZigGiveaway!

I will be reaching out to you via email but feel free to email or contact me first to make sure we connect.  Thanks to ALL of you for helping make this giveaway a success, especially Kuretake Zig – I hope to do more in the future.

Have a blast, and I’ll see you in my next video, post, and giveaway!



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