My March Supply Graveyard

One of my bff’s was the first person I personally knew to start a blog, and she inspired me through her dedication and ways she cultivated part of herself through her beauty blog. Of course I’m talking about the Daily Bailey B.  Thanks to her fun “beauty graveyard” videos, I’m sharing my planning and lettering graveyard – which is a fancy way of saying, “What are the supplies I’ve loved and nearly used up?”  These are the things that I’ve used regularly, worn down, and have run through – and maybe you will love them too!

Everyone has their go-to bullet journal and lettering supplies - I certainly do! Take a look at what supplies I've loved and used till the end //

My Planning Graveyard:

I feature some affiliate links below, which means if you happen to purchase something, I make a small commission at NO additional charge to you

There are some supplies planner addicts and bullet journal junkies loves so much - see which ones I've been using up this month on the blog! //

Traveler’s Notebook Inserts. Specifically, I’m using dot grid inserts from Moleskine, May Designs, and YellowPaperHouse.  I am probably done using Moleskine, but am loving May Designs and YPH for various reasons. YPH is 40 pages which are great for my planning insert which can switch out more frequently, and May Designs are 80 pages which are great for my referenced lists in my TN.  These last a while longer.  Both of these ghost very little, meaning pens don’t show much on the other side. Needless to say, I have QUITE the stockpile of archived notebooks.

Bic Triumph.  This was one of my first pen loves – it is a gel pen in a fine 0.5mm tip and has incredible ink flow in one of the most vibrant blank inks I’ve ever seen.  It’s a super smooth writing experience and is great for faux-calligraphy because it fills in the downstrokes like a champ. I ordered these on Amazon because I can’t really find them elsewhere.

Pilot Hi-tec Coleto Multi-Pen. This beautiful multi-pen is featured in a lot of my stuff, and is quickly one of my favorite things.  The classy body gives the pen some weight and the 4 options is super functional when you can only bring one thing.  The ultimate clincher was that I could buy gel refills for – so I use 0.4mm gel refills. This super-fine tip makes my writing look SO neat and there are many many colors available. Jetpens will allow you to order one color at a time. I will say, because they are gel, they run out of ink faster than the ballpoint ones.

PenGems pens. These are just…. gorgeous pens for those of us who love vibrant colors and some bling.  They twist at the top and you can put a few different refills into them – naturally I am using the Pilot Hi-Tec C Slim refills available on their website. The heaviness of the pen makes the writing experience so smooth and the fineness tidies up my scribbling. These are definitely the most expensive of my graveyard.

Faber Castell Artist pens. Thanks to Kara’s suggestion, I gave these a shot – they are similar to the Micron pens in that they are felt and have that familiar tip. These are awesome for planning and for my lettering work, but I run down the tips really quickly, which adds them to this pile.

My Lettering Graveyard:

There are some supplies calligraphers and hand letter artists love so much - see which ones I've been using up this month on the blog! //

Tombow Dual Brush Pens: I am very hard on my brush pens – I skip pencil and go right to ink for practice and for sketching layouts which may or may not be a no-no.  I love that they come in what feels like endless colors, and beautiful fill a page.  The tips of mine wear pretty quickly, and the fray makes it harder for me to get the thin hairlines – once they’re in that state, they’re more useful as watercolor.

Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip: This is one of my favorites – and one that I recommend for beginners.  The hard tip makes it so easy to control and get that beautiful contrast between thick and thin lines… which means I use it A TON in my lettering work, my drills, and other composition.

Yasutomo Sumi Ink: This classic black ink has been a great starter ink as I embark on my pointed pen adventure – so I’ve used a TON of this up for drills, my #handletteredabcs, and #rockyourhandwriting challenges. It is not a very dip-friendly container, so I’ve been keeping the ink in a smaller jar.

Kuretake Zig CocoIro pens: These fine tips are so fun to use for tiny drills and practice – there are 8 or 9 mighty colors and fun bodies to match.  It was one of the first brush pens I delved into as a beginner, and you can do some great small work with them.

Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pens: These are another pen I recommend to beginners – it is softer than the fudenosuke, but comes in fun colors, easy to control, and so smooth.  I use these all the time for my commissioned works… so they are done-zo pretty quickly.

What’s in your graveyard? What have you used up and loved so much that you have to replace? Let me know in the comments below!




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