Mother’s Day Card – Free Printable

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate powerful, strong women – the people who nurture us, who gave us life, who shape us, who show us what is possible for us in the future.  It might not be your biological mother, but someone who represents those same qualities in your life.  I know my mom is someone I have immense respect for – and frankly, if she had it her way, every day is Mother’s Day.

So I really don’t like trying to find greeting cards – it takes me forever to find one that’s not too cheesy, not trying too hard, or not too annoying! Maybe you feel the same way.

To help you out, I made two printable cards for you to share with your mom or mom-like figure.  They’re sized to be printed on regular letter paper 8.5″ x 11″, landscape format. All I ask is that you only use them for your personal use, because selling other people’s work makes me sad, so let’s not do that!

I added some finishing touches with my Tombow colored pencils, but the world is your oyster and you can do whatever your imagination can dream of! If you’re looking for more Mother’s Day inspiration, check out my tutorial on a quick watercolor mother’s day card here.

Buying cards is hard - download this free mother's day card printable on the blog! //

Click each image to be taken to the card. Let me know what you think down below. I hope you (and the other women in your life) enjoy them!

Buying cards is hard - download this free mother's day card printable on the blog! //      Buying cards is hard - download this free mother's day card printable on the blog! //



5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Card – Free Printable

      1. Sorry, but I don’t see anything but bad taste in a Mother’s Day card that says:
        “Mom, you’re a Bad Ass” . Why would you EVER put a phrase in your examples that is so low class and vulgar. Frankly, I don’t know one single mother who would appreciate such
        an ignorant reference on her Mother’s Day card !! I DARE YOU TO EXPLAIN
        I am betting you don’t have the nerve to do it. I shall wait and be proven correct on my bet !!

        E.A. Bartz
        Minneapolis, Mn


      2. Hey Elizabeth, I’ve been thinking about your comment today (and sorry that I took your bet – this comment isn’t unnerving at all). I am happy to explain. I can totally see how the message on this card can be upsetting to you and probably others – and I appreciate that you feel able to tell me so. It’s not for everyone. And I have to disagree with the notion that *no one* would appreciate such a sentiment. I know a lot of mothers who would love to described in this way – because they see it as powerful and commanding that they are mothering, which is certainly from your interpretation you’ve described above. I whole-heartedly believe mothers are bad ass – because they deal with a lot, they give a lot, and ARE a lot and that is something I wanted to celebrate in this card. Again, it’s certainly not for everyone, but I’m hoping it makes it to the ones that would appreciate it. Let me know if you’d like to chat further about this.


  1. My mama’s a bad ass but a very good mother and grandmother and I’m pretty sure she will love either of these cards!
    Coincidental Elizabeth A. Bartz from Minneapolis Posted her thoughts on the 44th anniversary of my mother becoming a bad ass rock star mama though!! September 3, 2016 at 3:50 am I think its a God thing!


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