Updates & A Bullet Journal Notebook Giveaway

Hello all!

First of all, May marks a YEAR since I’ve been using the bullet journal system (look out for a post and celebration of this!). I truly could never have pictured where this system would take me and how it would change my life (not even an exaggeration!).

Second of all, a few updates on where I’m at.  Right now, I’m wrapping up the semester and riding the high of longer sunshiney days and my class coming together.  I’ll spare you the details but teaching this class is one of the most difficult endeavors – because you start KNOWING you won’t see the transformation until the very, very end.  But, it’s happening and it’s a beautiful, life-giving thing.  (It also means finals and graduation, so I’m going to be running around doing that!)

Starting in June I’ll be featured on Dawn Nicole’s creative team! This means I’ll be sharing tutorials and artsy things on her blog once a month, and I’ve been stockpiling ideas on lettering and crafting projects to share.  I’m really excited to be part of and learn from such an awesome team! Keep an eye out for those posts.

On TOP of that, I’ve been working and working with two of my awesome business partners in getting the shop together – we’re putting touches on the shop site, product shots, finalized print designs… I have NEVER thought of being a small business owner and the fact that I’m doing this is just mind-blowing for my own path.  We’ll be selling:

  • My hand lettered designs in prints, on acrylics, and more – featuring my favorites like this, this, and this
  • Downloadable calligraphy and handwriting styles practice sheets
  • Printable cards and prints for a whole variety of occasions
  • AND… notebook inserts! Featuring dot grid and grid… on Tomoe River paper. A thin, super smooth paper that takes ink super well, with my handlettered quotes on the covers.

I truly am so excited and invite you to follow the shop updates on Instagram at @PrettyPrintsShop!


A shop filled with beautiful handlettered designs to inspire your creativity, productivity, and more - prints, gifts, and traveler's notebook inserts! Follow @PrettyPrintsShop for updates!
Follow @PrettyPrintsShop for shop updates!


Lastly, to celebrate my buj0-versary as well as the accomplishments of our students and fellow educators, I’m giving away a Plum Paper dot grid notebook (this one to be exact).  I grabbed a few a couple weeks ago and want to spread the love.

Another great option for your bullet journal- the Plum Paper dot grid Notebook // www.prettyprintsandpaper.com

It’s a cute notebook, measuring about 5.25″ x 7.5″ – so just a bit shorter than an A5 – but features the dot-grid so many of us know and love.

Check out the Facebook page for details on how to enter! And yes, I’m willing to ship internationally!

Good luck!



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