Bullet Journal for Summer Teaching Projects + Updates

Hello all! The end of the semester is wrapping up and I am SO happy to be done with grading.  Now is that time many of us are familiar with, shifting our focus from wrapping up to gearing up for our summer projects – yes, summer, the magical land where all our delayed projects get done!


Here are a few sneak peeks of how I’m shifting gears for summer:

My bullet journal sidekick is crucial for my success at work for notes like this

This collection is in my work sidekick, where I’ve been jotting down notes all year about the summer projects I’m taking on.  Now that it’s summertime I’m reviewing these notes so I can prioritize what I’m tackling.

My bullet journal sidekick is crucial for my success at work for notes like this

Since all my work is done as part of teams, I don’t do my WORK in my bullet journal, but rather use it to create plans and strategies to go forward.  This is the process I’ve created to tackle curriculum changes this summer – this was hard to really clean up, but now that I know what the work is I can be smarter about how to structure the work and guide the team.

Want to see the rest? I’m featured on Kara’s blog today! Pop over there to see the rest of my work bullet journal system.

Getting prepped for #nationalnotebook day


I am doing a LOT of traveling this summer, so you’ll see some irregularity in my posts. Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be on a weekend trip with my husband, then off to be part of 2 weddings, and then I’m participating in and facilitating a couple trainings, traveling for conferences – no rest for the wicked! But I’ve got some fun stuff coming your way, so hopefully you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing.  Remember to sign up to subscribe to my blog on the right-hand side to get my posts to your email!

Lastly, I need your help! I’m doing a quick survey for my shop to better meet your needs! I’m crafting some inserts and need your help to decide the best way to go.  To sweeten the deal, I’m choosing one of the responders to send some goodies to – likely a notebook and pens! To help me out, please go here to submit your answers. I’ll be closing the survey on May 20th.

Let me know what you want to see this summer down below!



7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal for Summer Teaching Projects + Updates

  1. I follow your blog because I really enjoy your clean, clear posts. I am actually in the process of planning a “Planners, Planning and Productivity” class for our local library in September. Your blog will be in my list of websites for more information I will be handing out.


    1. Judy, I apologize for how long its taken me to reply! It’s gotten quite crazy in my work. I really appreciate your feedback – I strive to keep it pretty focused so it’s personal but direct. I would love to hear more about this class you’re teaching!


  2. I love all your posts about how you use your bujo for teaching! I’ve worked in ESL for a while and am hoping to do a Masters in teaching, so those posts are super helpful! I’m really curious how you use your sidekick, though…I have one but I find it’s more of a brain dump for bujo ideas rather than anything else… Thanks and happy travels!


    1. Caitlin – that’s so exciting! Where are you getting your masters? I would love to take more classes on teaching specifically. My sidekick is for notes – for example, all my tasks will be in my bullet journal that I carry everywhere that combines *both work and personal, and then the sidekick is for notes at meetings or project planning to map out my thoughts and timelines. Does that help?


      1. I’ve been accepted to a program in France! I’m stoked, but I know I’m going to have to be super organized next year, so I’m trying to get my system of solid legs this summer…I love how you use your sidekick! I may have to see if it works for me 🙂 thanks!!


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