Tombow vs Artist Loft Brush Pens: Dupe or Dud?

In the makeup world we often seek advice on whether it is “worth it” to spend that kind of money on face cream or eyeshadow.  In similar ways we wonder in the planner, lettering, and stationery world if there are such things as affordable supplies.  Before you spend the money, I’m comparing two comparable brush pens – the infamous Tombow Dual Brush and the Michael’s brand Artist’s Loft.  With Tombow pens at $3.19 a pop and this set of 20 for $30, it was worth doing a review. See how they compare in lettering and blending!


What’s your experience with these pens? Do you have a preference? What should I compare next?




19 thoughts on “Tombow vs Artist Loft Brush Pens: Dupe or Dud?

      1. Not yet. I have to budget my purchases and want to get a journal and my first fountain pen first. In a couple of months, I will.


  1. Jessica, thank you so much for this helpful side-by-side review. I have the Tombow markers, but as a lettering novice they are too flexible for me to control. Based on your comparison I bought the Artist Loft set. You are right that the brush is much stiffer. It is so much easier for me to use! The colors in the set are not as pretty as the Tombow markers, but that’s okay. One day I will master the Tombow dual brush markers, but for now this is a great, affordable tool for learning.


  2. I’m glad to see Artist’s Loft markers getting some love, I was starting to think I was the only one who enjoyed them, lol. One thing you didn’t mention in your video, though, is if you can use the Tombow and Artist’s Loft together. The lack of purple and other colours in the AL line is a downer, but I have been filling those holes with the Crayola brush pens and even the StudioG brush markers. I’m just getting into brush lettering so I’ve mostly used them for watercolor projects that don’t need to be lightfast, but they all seem to play well together. Perhaps someone could start with the AL line and fill in the color gaps with Tombow as needed?


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