My Handwriting and Lettering: Serif + Practice Sheet

This is the second in my handwriting and lettering series – I started this last month in response to questions about how to “write like me” or what fonts I used to letter with. This series will feature some videos, tips, resources, and lettering practice sheets to get started.

How to letter: Serifs

Sometimes you want to shake things up in your planner, notes, or journal and want to try something new.  I use a variety of fonts and will demonstrate creating serif letters.  This is a different kind of look, a little more masculine.

Grab some paper and your favorite pen and get started!

Ready to start? Download my practice sheet here.  Please remember these are for personal use only, so please don’t alter or disseminate the files for other use! Tag me @prettyprintsandpaper or #PrettyPrintsPractice so I can see your progress!

Looking for other inspiration and tutorials? Ian Barnard is pretty awesome.

Looking for more? Check out my printable practice sheet for my cursive script and flourishes!  You can also check out my Letter Archive videos on YouTube to learn how I draw the whole alphabet.

Until next time!



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