Painting My Foxy Notebook

A long time ago I saw the limited edition teal Leuchtturm notebooks – teal covers with gold accents.  It took ALL my strength not to buy one right then and there.  Instead I went for a different fun (and perhaps more expensive) option of personalizing my newest teal Foxy Notebook – with PAINT.

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for wanting to paint my beautiful foxy but it’s not as scary as I thought it would be!  Plus, I’m only doing a gold edge to add that flair. Here’s the quick and dirty of how I did it.

I painted my Foxy! Walk through with me in this QUICK tutorial


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I painted my Foxy! Walk through with me in this QUICK tutorial


  • Your leather cover. I just got the new “Kinder Color” teal Foxy Notebook because the material seemed like it could take a beating.  It’s a little more “plasticy” feeling but in a great way, with a suede inside.
  • Small paint brush. I’m using sort of a ‘deer foot’ shape, mostly flat with rounded end.
  • Gold paint.  I’m not using a special leather paint, but I just wanted something really beautiful and bright
  • A little tray or somewhere to put said paint
  • I did NOT end up needing the painter’s tape.

Painting Travelers Foxy Notebook Cover 2

It seemed silly for me to put this whole post up to really highlight this ONE step, but I know that I personally like seeing it happen to help my own confidence in the process.  I just went in very carefully with the paint brush, edging the side of the Foxy.  I ended up removing the tape because this particular leather was easy to just wipe off any paint that smudged onto the front of the cover.

I painted my Foxy! Walk through with me in this QUICK tutorial

LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT GOLD IS?! I didn’t have any issues with dripping or anything – just carefully dabbing on that color all around the edges.  At some points I propped the whole piece of leather up on my knee because I didn’t want to rest it on the table and smudge any of my progress.

Painting Travelers Foxy Notebook Cover 5

I went over the edges about 3 times – not because I desperately needed to, but because I wanted to get a good coat on it, and get the gold as opaque and bold as possible. I did NOT seal it, and will have to report back on how well it stands up to the elements once I actually use it!

Just another simple way to personalize your leather covers – and it took me about 20 minutes! Have you tried painting your covers? What else have you done?


10 thoughts on “Painting My Foxy Notebook

  1. Lovely! Curious why you used ink vs paint? I’m starting to see many art journalist using Liquitex Inks, what are your thoughts? I’d love to have my BuJo pages with this gold, so cool!


  2. That looks lovely. Great colour choices. Though I confess i have a serious case of envy re your watermelon foxy…
    I’m curious re the ink v paint too? I recently made myself a travellers notebook style cover from vinyl and I coloured the edges using a fluorescent pink acrylic paint pen. Acylic stands up fairly well without sealing, and something like an edge will be easier to touch up rather than seal imho.


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