Inspiration: Lettering For Lefties

Aside from “What pen are you using?” and “What size is your TN?,” one of the most popular questions I get is how left-handed folks can learn brush calligraphy.  Since I’m a right-handed gal myself, I’m always stumped on how to answer this question – which means I shouldn’t be the one answering it! In a belated celebration of Left-Handers Day (seriously who is in charge of these?), I’ve compiled a list of my favorite left-handed lettering artists to learn from, and hope it will jump start your lefty lettering journey.

I have some favorite suggestions for you left-handed calligraphers out there!


I had started my list of folks a while ago and the fantastic Sharisse of Pieces Calligraphy also happened to post her list of favorites on her Instagram page, which features some of the best left-handed calligraphers I would list anyway! So we can start there:

I have some favorite suggestions for you left-handed calligraphers out there!

I whole-heartedly agree with most of these suggestions, and would also like to add a few of my own:

SO many great people to follow! I hope this answers some questions for the left-handed folks out there about how to grip and hold the pen, angles, and smearing.

As a personal update, I’m feeling a little run-down at the moment. With summer quickly ending, I have to admit I’m feeling the weight of a lot of projects at work. A lot of people think that all teachers have the summer off.  Many do – but summer is actually the busiest time in my job between curriculum updates, facilitating and attending conferences, and planning trainings.

In true fashion, I’ve said yes to a lot of things that don’t always include myself.  Honestly I do a decent job of managing it most of the time, and I still make time for connection as much as possible – it’s just been a tougher month of not sleeping full nights and a lot of competing commitments in my work, the blog/biz, and personal life.  And, seriously, thank the UNIVERSE for the bullet journal because it keeps me from falling apart in complete shambles. After our big training I’m planning on taking some big chunks of time to take some walks, naps, and quiet in general.  The last thing I want to do is start the school year feeling depleted!

So that’s where I’m at – how are you, really?



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