Bullet Journal for Job Interviews

This is part two of my job search series as a follow up from Career Development – I offer some (a lot) of my thoughts on how you can prepare for job interviews and track your progress in your bullet journal. I love this topic so much and I hope you can find something of use to you! … More Bullet Journal for Job Interviews


#RockYourHandwriting Challenge for November

Welcome to the November #RockYourHandwriting Challenge! Join us and many other folks who wanted a reason to set aside time every day to practice their handwriting.  Between this and practicing my calligraphy and lettering, my cursive has actually improved – which was a little surprising to me!  Hopefully you have seen improvement as well, if you’re returning! Won’t you … More #RockYourHandwriting Challenge for November

Being and Doing: Why My Bullet Journal Isn’t To Get More Done

I have reflected a lot on this – people say to me, “you know you could get more done in the time you spend setting that up.” But that’s… not the point for me.
Even though the bullet journal has been touted as a productivity tool, that’s not why I use it. I have a lot of thoughts about doing AND being, and how my bullet journal can help me do both. … More Being and Doing: Why My Bullet Journal Isn’t To Get More Done