Bullet Journal Layouts: Weekend

Sometimes we just need some bullet journal layout inspiration to spark our own ideas – and today I’m doing a quick feature of a minimal weekend layout that’s been working really well for me in the most simple of ways.

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Hopefully you’ve seen Ryder’s original Bullet Journal video, where he walks through his system.  The bullet journal is meant to be day to day, though obviously we’ve all taken our own spins on it.  I’ve maintained the spirit of the system through the rapid-log feature, and as many have seen, I also do a weekly layout.  My mainstay has been the 5-day week since that’s the heart of my timeframe with a Monday-Friday job.

A weekly layout helps keep my thoughts in check in my bullet journal

Then the weekend comes – that’s a different beast.  The weekends are much more fluid and more often than not, I totally guess wrong on which days I complete anything since plans are adapted on-the-fly.

Supplies featured: Foxy Notebook mocassin cover (compact #7, amethyst – I talk about it here), May Designs classic notebooks, Crayola supertips for highlights, Lamy Al-Star fountain pen (which is recommended here)

Whenever I have these slight snags in my planning, I think about what I’m missing or what the hurdle is to a smooth user experience.  I realized I just needed to note a few events that I had planned, but needed more flexibility for tasks (because let’s be real, we all can overestimate what we can do in a day, amirite?).

Given that, here’s what I came up with.

Use this flexible weekend layout in your bullet journal to keep your tasks organized

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m very much an “fluid chaos” kind of person – where there’s some categorization but room for a lot of flexibility and rapid logging.  The additional structures of other boxes isn’t always what I want or need – so this simple categorization has been robust and keeps things where I want right now.  And, perhaps I’ll adapt it even more in next week if I need something different!

Isn’t it liberating to make this notebook what you need it? How have you done weekends, if at all?

Grace and peace,



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