Layout Ideas: Monthlies

Over the last 18 months as I’ve experimented with the bullet journal, which means I’ve used a lot of different monthly layouts.  I’m currently wrestling with how to set up my February monthly, which reminded me of my archive of experiments. As I revisit my old ideas, I thought I’d gather them in one place in case it was helpful for you too!  You can click on each of them to go back to the original post and explanation.

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Need some ideas for how you set up your monthlies? Here is an archive of a lot of my monthly layout experiments!


October Monthly

Breakdown: I used this to capture the PlanWithMeChallenge and the tasks I had to do that month.  You’ll see a theme for me is that I like loose categorization but a flow for rapid logging.  There are two columns inspired by Dee from Decade Thirty, where one is where you can put a date that the task is due and the other is where you check it off. Read more about this set up.

This is a YellowPaperHouse insert inside a majesty Foxy Fix cover in size 7.

Trying to keep track of monthly tasks? Try a organizing your bullet journal this way //

Breakdown: This morphed from the last month to be more generic, plus the Intentions box to ground myself in what I hoped to embody that month.  If you’re a yogi, this might be a fun section to add.  Read more about this layout here.

This is a cahier sized YellowPaperHouse insert inside a dragonfruit Foxy Fix cover in size 7.

Trying to keep track of monthly expenses and habits? Try a organizing your bullet journal this way //

Breakdown: The companion spread to my other monthly page, this one features more Instagram challenges and a finance tracker.  I wanted to track my expenses to see where my money was going.  Above it, a simplified habit tracker – looks like I didn’t have much hope on my progress… LOL.

This is a YellowPaperHouse insert inside a dragonfruit Foxy Fix cover in size 7. Featuring Faber Castell and Staedtler felt tip pens

Part of my January set up in my Bullet Journal to track various expenses, tasks, errands, and things to focus on // @prettyprintsandpaper

Breakdown: Combination of the two monthlies from before, with more handlettering touches.  There are just so many ways you can change up the look of the same function.  Read more about this layout here.

Featuring Tombow dual brush pens, and the Hi-Tec Coleto multi-pen

I've ditched the monthly spread for other lists I need in my bullet journal - like monthly errands, tasks for others, and my expense tracker //

Breakdown: A few tweaks this month – I changed a section to “My People” to capture the tasks that I was doing for other people.  On the opposite side I simplified my money-tracking categories even more. At the top I added a bar graph to slowly fill in as I used up more and more of my monthly budget. Read more about the set up here.

Featuring Tombow dual brush pens, and the Hi-Tec Coleto multi-pen.  This is a YellowPaperHouse insert – with May Designs inserts behind it.

A derivative of Kara's monthly, this accounts for tracking a few things as a spin off the traditional bullet journal monthly - Expenses, Work project tasks, home project tasks, my blog, and overall errands and purchases. //

Breakdown: Inspired by Kara, I broke down the month into different categories and then did a project time tracker for each category to see the phases of time.  So this way I could see wow, mid-March could be busy in terms of tasks.  Then there is a column for daily money tracking (which … as you imagine, I needed much more room!) Read more about this layout here.

My ever-changing monthly set up - a mix of things I've used in the past //

Breakdown: I added this Main Thing section as a way to make progress toward my “16 for 2016” goals – I picked a few and broke them down into manageable goals for the month to focus on.  Read more about this set up here.

Featuring Staedtler felt tip pens in a May Designs classic-sized dot grid notebook.

Going traditional monthly view this month in my bullet journal, with a social media twist //

Breakdown: The return of the monthly grid! I went away from this for a bit until I re-purposed it to become my Instagram challenge and blog editorial calendar. Read more here.

Featuring Tombow dual brush pens and a cork-backed ruler.

Having a section in your bullet journal to easily capture various thoughts for the month in a rapid log spread helps keep track of random thoughts

Breakdown: In addition to a monthly grid, I used this as a general rapid-log, two very simple categories with room to expand into what emerges throughout the month.  I added the dotted line to separate a few “top tasks” for that month.

Featuring Tombow dual brush pens inside a May Designs dot grid notebook, inside a lemonade ombre Foxy Fix cover in size 7 compact

An awesome monthly set up for rapid logging tasks and things to buy, and the focuses on this month's projects at work and home

Breakdown: I just LOVE the way this turned out.  I kept the easy categorization and rapid log with the top 3 priorities, but added a Projects Bee Hive. Read more here.

Lettered with a Pentel Sign Brush Pen, stamped with stamps from Foxy Fix in black scrapbook ink on an acrylic block, colored with Derwent colored pencils.

A monthly grid set up in my bullet journal - took some time but it's worth it

Breakdown: A monthly grid, stamped, with the addition of light-colored Tombow dual brush pens.  Read more here.


Breakdown: A twist- I added a category for future tasks and thoughts. Read more here.

As I go through my archives, I can see the evolution of what I needed for that month and how my mind was working… and there is no “perfect” layout, only that it was perfect for that moment.  And in the same way, you’ll find different things valuable to you in this moment.  The experiments never end – and really they’re not experiments, they are you, listening to what you need, and designing the layout that will help you get that.

What are you doing for your monthly for February?  Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Layout Ideas: Monthlies

  1. I’ve just stuck with the regular vertical bullet journal calendar for my monthly for February, but I really like the beehive projects page… I am looking for a fun way to include tasks from each of my “projects” in my bullet journal, and this might be something I want to try. Thanks for putting together this reference!


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