Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Part 1

In my endeavor to share the why’s behind planning, weaving intention into planning systems and lettering practices, it makes sense that minimalism aligns pretty well with the bullet journal.  The way I try to use the bullet journal is to bring mindfulness to how I’m spending my time (is it on the things that add value to my life?), push me toward my goals, and figure out what works for me and my life.  Minimalism is similar, asking us to evaluate what will bring us the most value, and forget the rest.

In the last year, I’ve focused a lot on cultivating a sense of groundedness in who I am and what works for me – what is it that I’m about, and how can I live that to the fullest? What enhances and what detracts? What can I do on purpose? What is essential and what is superfluous? These things are core to Minimalism as well.

The first step a lot of folks engage with is the decluttering ala Marie Kondo – sorting through everything, discarding and saying “thank you, goodbye” to the things that no longer spark joy or serve their purpose in your life.  Along with that is the idea of the Capsule Wardobe, made famous by Courtney Carver, to whittle down your closet essentials to a smaller but cohesive set of pieces per season.   I’ve always been intrigued but have never done it – probably because I didn’t know exactly what worked for me.

That’s where my friend Katie comes in.  She works with House of Colour, and she would describe the process of “finding your colors” as a way to bring out your best, enhancing what nature gave you by using the right colors for you.  As I believe in everyone having their own leadership style using the gifts they already possess, Katie (and HoC) believes that everyone has a palette that makes them look brilliant rather than boring, building on exactly what was already there.  So I was skeptical, but intrigued – perhaps this is how I could purposefully enter into phase one of building my capsule wardrobe.

I’ll be documenting this multiple-step process every few weeks – tune into the video for my in-depth explanation on how this process made me much more of a believer and what my next steps are in my minimalism process!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means if you happen to purchase something, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you – thanks for your support!

In my bullet journal: Part one of my journey to minimalism and a capsule wardrobe!

In my bullet journal: Part one of my journey to minimalism and a capsule wardrobe!

In my bullet journal: Part one of my journey to minimalism and a capsule wardrobe!
Just a fun side by side of me with my “wow colors”! I was a skeptic but it was so fun!

“What pens did you use?”

What do you think? Would you ever try doing something like this? What are your tips for beginning the closet-editing process? Or would you never dream of it?! I’d love to know!




12 thoughts on “Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Part 1

  1. Wow, it looks like a fascinating experience! I did once a tiny version of this in a dept store and I wasn’t surprised to learn that I was an automn (I’m a pale-faced redhead with chestnut eyes). I’m interested to hear about your styling experience as well. I will be moving later in the year and certainly I would need some guidelines to purge my wardrobe before packing!


    1. I love that you know you’re an Autumn! What are your best colors within your pallet? If you ever find Forest Green, all of my Autumns are dying to find it! And if you’re ever in Minneapolis, would love to take being an Autumn to the next level and incorporate your perfect makeup (lipstick/blush) that complements your season/skin tone. Good luck with your upcoming move too! – Katie, House of Colour-Minneapolis

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  2. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to build a ‘capsule’ wardrobe for years and realize it hasn’t worked because my ideas of colors, the year’s seasons, and my locale clash. Figuring out my colors is the answer. How do I find a similar service in a distant state? Thanks.

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