Updates on #RockYourHandwriting and #PlanWithMeChallenge

Good afternoon friends! Today I make the official update on the future of the #RockYourHandwriting and #PlanWithMeChallenge.  As you might know, Kara has decided to simplify her life and step down from co-hosting the challenge – which gave all of us hosts a moment to think about what we want to do with these communities.

As one of the original creators of both challenges, it is definitely a little sad – but more so, it is a moment to celebrate all that we’ve done so far! We wanted to bring people together around shared passions of planning, office supplies, and handwriting – and that’s what we did.

Will the challenges be continuing?

Going forward, we will be transitioning the challenges to new hosts.  Although we started them, we believe in sharing with the larger community as well. Kim, Kara, and Dee will be stepping back from hosting beginning this month while I transition them to several new hosts for each challenge.  After I transition them into the roles, I will also be stepping back from hosting the challenge.  This is a sad thing for me as well, but I am excited for the future of them with new energy to steer them.

This means we’ll be taking a break for September.  Yes, short term that is a loss for the community, but we believe it will make it stronger coming back in October! I’ll be collecting interest forms for people who want to be a host, and reaching out in the beginning of September.

UPDATE: Because the online communities are SO AMAZING, people have rallied together to create a #RockYourHandwriting challenge for September as we reset the hosting team – so check here for the new month’s challenge.  I could cry, I’m so happy and grateful for all of you. Special shout out to Hlátra-Björg Torfadóttir for spearheading, Emily Eshmade for the graphic, and Rebekah McNulty, Melissa Spradley, Amy M. Whitaker-Larson, Marilena Verheus, Iole Quercia, Anna TheRooms Giacopelli, Sheila Odle, Rachel Barrett, Diana Gilmore, Alana Beattie, Alaine Medio, Bonny Allen Coxwell and Phil Clubley for their ideas.

If you’re interested in being a host for the #PlanWithMeChallenge, fill out this form.

If you’re interested in being a host for for the #RockYourHandwriting Challenge, fill out this form.

We are looking for 2-4 hosts for each challenge.

Both forms review the commitments hosting this challenge will require, so you know what you’d be signing up for! The form will close September 5th and I’ll hope to email folks within that week to be our new hosts! If you know of some folks who would be good hosts, please share with them!!

Want to see the old challenges? Here are the #PWMC Archives and the #RYH Archives

Love love love,



2 thoughts on “Updates on #RockYourHandwriting and #PlanWithMeChallenge

  1. You guys have been rock star hosts for the past +1year that I’ve been following y’all. Can’t wait to see the new crew that’ll be hosting the challenges for October. So glad I stumbled into this community 😙💖👏


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