Project Planning in my Bullet Journal

Today I am talking about a favorite bullet journal spread that I shared during my Tombow Takeover – my project planning spread.  I’ve used this layout for so many different things – it can be adapted for any increment of time over a variety of kinds of endeavors to get a birds-eye view of a single project, your job, family calendar/vacations, assignments, classes, and more.  And of course, it’s a great excuse to use your favorite color pens. I’ll share my method and hopefully you can adapt it to your own needs too!

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Using your bullet journal to track projects, family vacations and calendars, and school projects

I will be using this spread to get an understanding of my work flow and what is on my plate.  This is the basic outline – I leave room for the project areas, then count out 3 boxes for each month in the year (to signify beginning, middle, end of the month).  The column on the right is room for related page numbers, for related notes I take for those projects.

To fill in the left-hand side, I did a brain-dump of all the different parts of my job.  There’s the main chunk of projects that are staples to my job, and then a few things that are one-offs or ad hoc committees.

Then I get to do the fun part: choose colors and fill in the chart!

Using your bullet journal to track projects, family vacations and calendars, and school projects

I am digging rainbows these days, so you’ll see I started listing the projects with the super fine tip of the Tombow TwinTones on the left, and then shading with the broad-tip in the calendar section.  I darken the shading in the times where I’m particularly focused on the project.  As you can see, it becomes clear when I’m busy and when the load is a little lighter.

I don’t actually reference this throughout the year but the process of breaking this down helps me understand the ebbs and flows of my work, the capacity I have for taking on new projects…. or more importantly, take vacation!

Using your bullet journal to track projects, family vacations and calendars, and school projects

So you can do this with your school assignments, the classes you teach, family calendars, research projects, phases of a strategic plan, summer vacation for people at work…. anything!

What do you think you’ll use it for? Let me know in the comments 🙂



9 thoughts on “Project Planning in my Bullet Journal

  1. I’ve seen you do this before and thought that it wouldn’t work for me because the nature of my work is not planned out that far ahead – and my work is downstream of product releases and a lot of my timelines are dependent on those releases. But I’m going to try it for Sept-Dec and see. I’m hoping it gives me an opportunity for a “big picture” view of milestones and major tasks.


  2. Hi Jessica, I am going to try this for the last quarter of this year. I have several projects I need to complete and this may inspire me to get them done. Thank you for sharing your method.


  3. I love this idea. I am retired so I will have to plan how this could work for me. We have many spur of the moment tasks but I am sure this could be helpful in things we have to plan.


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