Review: Crayola Brush & Detail Markers

Love knowing what new pens are out there? Looking for a possible birthday or holiday gift for a budding brush calligraphy fan? You may have seen the new Crayola Brush & Detail markers on the shelves and wonder how they are before you spend the money – today I share my review of these new brush pens, how they write, pros and cons, and whether I recommend them!

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Review: Crayola Brush & Detail Markers


A review of the new Crayola Brush and Detail markers! Are they worth it?

See it in action on the video, but if you want a quick snapshot:

  • Similar to: Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Cute tin!
  • I like the maneuverability of the brush, especially fresh out of the box. You can write large and small (see below)
  • The bullet tip is very similar to the ones on Tombows – though in a different color (which can be read as a pro or a con)
  • You won’t be able to smush the brush tips together to get a blended effect, but you can still use a blending pallette and pick up other colors
  • The tips start fraying pretty quickly, which means your upstrokes begin to thicken
  • The tips don’t recover their shape as quickly as Tombows or Zig Brushables, so you might have to shift your grip and rotate the marker to keep a thin upstroke going
  • Beautiful ombre ink fading
  • Sensitive to water and moisture – because they are still washable, not light-fast

A review of the new Crayola Brush and Detail markers! Are they worth it?

So, all in all, I would not say this is for final pieces of art or for professional work – but these are great starter pens for someone who is beginning their brush calligraphy journey.  Since beginners tend to fray their pens anyway, this might be a nice compromise until they work their way up to nicer and spendier options!

A review of the new Crayola Brush and Detail markers! Are they worth it?

Want to get started lettering?

What other questions do you have? Think you’ll try the Crayola markers?


4 thoughts on “Review: Crayola Brush & Detail Markers

  1. I bought a set of these last night with the exact thought you mention here, good into brush pens, so after some practice I can “graduate” to nicer, better quality brush pens.


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