Hamilton Calligraphy Practice Sheet + Update

Friends, I have so many videos and photos taken, recorded… and have been struggling to just get them up. Once upon a time I started this blog, working 20 hours a week on it and sharing everything I was learning about planning. Now, it’s getting harder for me to do that.

My passion does get sparked by some new things – I am a millennial raised in the US, after all – but I’m fighting to be more mindful of what I purchase. I am realizing how difficult this is to balance when we’re inundated with new things all the time and it gets so easy to get swept up in buying before even knowing why, or having a calligraphy habit to begin with. Not to mention, I have a 428 square foot apartment soooooo there is in fact a limit, contrary to what Lindsay Lohan might believe!

I get passionate about helping people figure out systems that work for them, talking about what gives us peace and clarity and how they actually can do whatever they want to make their planners work for them and their lives. I get excited hearing people realize, “Oh shit, I didn’t realize I could do that!” and getting motivated to plan their way.

So I’ll try to figure out how to bring that excitement into this blog again. Thank you for being part of the ride.

In the mean time, I have a heavy heart surrounding recent political situations and have been inspired by the lyrics of Hamilton to keep going, keep persisting, keep resisting. Perhaps they will give you the opportunity to practice, have fun, and set some intentions.

Just click below for your copy and print off. As always, please keep this for personal use.

Free Hamilton Calligraphy Practice SheetGet your copy here!

Let me know what you think, what other tips would help your planning or lettering, or whatever! Don’t forget to pin this before you lose it!




2 thoughts on “Hamilton Calligraphy Practice Sheet + Update

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Very inspiring. I’m older than you and my kids are post-millennials. But I get what you are saying. I seek inspiration from popular culture and when I find it, I grab hold of it. I struggle with self discipline when it comes to buying things.


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