Bullet Journal Method Book + Leuchtturm Giveaway

I first discovered the bullet journal system in 2013 when Ryder Carroll first shared it. I stuck to it pretty rigidly and actually stopped using it until I rediscovered it in 2015. This time, the community had been established and people were making the system their own. With the freedom and being in a different time in my life, I dove in and began my own bullet journal experiment. And it was awesome.

I went from using planning systems for 4 months at a time to using this system for almost 4 years.

This system has been such a gift to me and countless others. As a leadership educator, I believe a system and process like this empowers people to see their way of organizing the world and their life as valid. That not everything has to be a color coded, minimalist, sparse aesthetic – that meaningfully organized could be colorful, spatial, spilling over, and so much more. That people could design the structure, rather than forcing themselves to fit into a given one.

And now, Ryder has published a book about the system, The Bullet Journal Method, to share more of the story. To be honest, I was surprised too see how thick this book was! When I dove into it, I realized it’s because Ryder went all out in the stories AND research about why this system can be beneficial and why it resonates with so many people.

As a reflective person myself, I found myself re-energized to do more goal setting and journaling… which does NOT happen often, I can tell you that!

Win your own copy of the Bullet Journal Method and an official bullet journal Leuchtturm notebook!

So anyway, it is about damn time I got this post up so I can GIVE AWAY a copy of the Bullet Journal Method AND an Official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm notebook.

To enter the bullet journal giveaway, it’s simple:

  • Follow me (@prettyprintsandpaper) and the Bullet Journal (@bulletjournal) on Instagram
  • Comment on this blog post below by sharing 1) your Instagram handle and 2) your most useful Collection or List you have in your bullet journal (could be hypothetical if you haven’t started one yet!)

That’s all! This giveaway will be for US participants and you can enter until 11:59pm 10/25/2018. I’ll announce a winner on Instagram and you will have 24 hours to claim your prize.

Good luck!!!


149 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Method Book + Leuchtturm Giveaway

  1. Oooh awesome!! I’ve been debating weather or not I want to buy a copy!
    My Instagram is @bujo.owl
    My most useful lists are all my Bookish ones because I obsessively track my reading progress and goals.
    But I’m currently working on a new list to help track the little ones reading/writing/general learning progress through her first year of school!


  2. My Instagram is @ellerl52

    I have so many lists and collections. I just did a collection of nail polish colors. That was fun to do. I also have sample pages of Washi tape organized by color. I guess my favorite is my list of DisneyMovies I’ve seen. I add to it as I see new ones come out. It gives me a good excuse to watch with my grandkids. I only have a few that I’m missing.


  3. @tamccafferty
    My favorite collection is my Books Read. I’ve seen a lot of others in the comments who love their same list! I am an avid reader, and there’s something about closing the cover of a book and immediately opening my journal to that list that makes finishing SO SATISFYING!


  4. I am starting a new and hopeful list. Amazing things to do, to see, and to enjoy -after i finish closing a long chapter of my life- a relationship. I’m almost there.

    Great blog and IG! Thanks for the chance to win.


  5. @julburrows
    My favorite page is my weekly pages… set up to work just for me. I have a dutchdoor set up that keeps me listing all that I’ve committed to in the week…it’s made me say no to lesser items and yes to more of the important ones.


  6. @reluctantrational
    My most-used collection is Books to Read/Books read. Kinda boring, huh? I’ve been bullet journaling non-stop since 2015, and it has changed my life. Even my husband was amazed at how well it worked for me, and a year after I started, he abandoned his Franklin-Covey software became a convert. He likes the original embossed black Bullet Journal and his style is very different from mine, but he loves the system.


  7. My most useful collection is my monthly habit tracker. This has allowed me to develop and break the best and worst of my habits. I started tracking no alcohol days which I then turned into monthly challenges. And I’ve lost 10 lbs in one month thanks to a motivating tracker!
    As a beginner bujo user, I would utilize this book to its fullest potential!!! I hope to blossom into a wonderful addition to the bullet journal community. Peace and love to you all.


  8. @bradyjustin
    The most used collection I have is probably a tie between my reading log and my to watch list, but the most useful/practical that’s had a huge positive impact is our bill and savings tracker!


  9. 1) @living2learnandlove
    2) I am currently needing to rethink my entire system and process having gone from working adult to stay-at-home-mom. Life is totally different, but there is still things to get. But in the past, my most helpful part of my BuJo was the combination of my weekly and daily spreads. Once I got this process and system down, life became SO much less stressful. I am still using them, but I’m needing to revamp them to work for my more flexible, but OH SO MUCH MORE HECTIC life (#momlife).


  10. Two things I am striving to do more of are reading and exercise. I am working on a creative way of tracking both of those things.



  11. Oohh I’ve decided that I want to start a bullet journal in the coming year, so this would be perfect!
    Instagram: konakoffee77
    I think the list that I would find the most helpful would be a spending tracker or to-do list (two jobs and school!), but honestly I would use the reading tracker the most haha


  12. I’m @HannahHa on Instagram, and I live and die by my to-do lists, separated into the different domains of my life: Family/Personal, Work, Side Hustle, and School!


  13. Hi, I’m @anju.susan.george and I really love my books to read collection and distress relief list. I wish to do more collections that have to do with doing more creative things.


  14. My Instagram is @wendyreshet

    I am trying to setup a weekly health plan and tracker that tracks my weight, water intake, food and workouts. Still in the works though.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  15. @sacalkins
    My favorite collection right now is my 19 Before 2019. This is a list of things I want to do/see/experience this year …. like plant flowers in my front yard, take a spin class, try acupuncture, and rate/review my favorite podcast (Happier with Gretchen Rubin…. so good!). It’s fun to make the list and even more fun to go/see/do each one!


  16. My instagram handle is jozburn and I think my most useful lists right now are books I’ve read and listened to. I don’t keep many lists right now, but I’m excited to dive into bullet journaling a little more! Thanks for the chance to win!


  17. @aisaacswrites

    Choosing ONE favorite feature is hard. I guess the feature that is most helpful is my monthly layout in my writing bullet journal. It’s my dashboard to track the status of all the different projects and jobs I need to do.


  18. @carli_butters
    My favorite layout is my habit tracker. It’s the perfect tool to feel direction in my life and ease the anxiety of starting a big task.


  19. @jess_sometimes_celeste

    My favorite is my New Word page, when I see or hear a word that I don’t know I write it down along with the definition


  20. @gonzotacular

    My most useful list is “Genre Series Books” to keep track of what book number I finished last so I know which one to read next. And professionally, a list of people I never want to work with, either on a job or a committee. 😀


  21. Hi! I’m @roshnicharles on Instagram. So far, the most useful part of the bullet journal for me has been the ability to organize the multiple aspects of each day, particularly 1. Work 2. Kids (school commitments, etc) and 3. Personal (amazon shopping list!!!)


  22. @darjapet

    For me the most useful list is the one I have for UNI. Not really the one for my soul but it has to be done.

    Otherwise I can’t live without my Travel Destinstions Collection as it gives me motivation to no procrastinate and get stuff done so I can live my best life.


  23. Instagram: delsie.33

    My favorite spread in my bullet journal is my weekly spread because I like to plan and also document everything I do everyday which I consider my journaling. 🙂


  24. ‘@plan.with.shan

    The most important in my Bujo would have to be my habit trackers but my monthly reflection pages are up there too!


  25. It’s not the most useful, but I love my hikes completed and planned list! Gives me goals and shows where I’ve been so far! @sallyrwatkins


  26. I’m @jenniferzyren on instagram and my most useful collection is my period tracker. I used to go into doctor’s appointments forgetting exactly when my last period was: now I know! So helpful.


  27. My Instagram is astralgia. My most useful page is my sleep log where I’m documenting a 30-day sleep challenge that will help improve the quality of my sleep.


  28. @l.abbyrinth

    Being in the medical field, there’s opportunities for continuous learning, so the bullet journals approach to plan out a syllabus and study hours is one of the BEST things I’ve come across to made my day less daunting 😋


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