Bullet Journal Method Book + Leuchtturm Giveaway

I first discovered the bullet journal system in 2013 when Ryder Carroll first shared it. I stuck to it pretty rigidly and actually stopped using it until I rediscovered it in 2015. This time, the community had been established and people were making the system their own. With the freedom and being in a different time in my life, I dove in and began my own bullet journal experiment. And it was awesome.

I went from using planning systems for 4 months at a time to using this system for almost 4 years.

This system has been such a gift to me and countless others. As a leadership educator, I believe a system and process like this empowers people to see their way of organizing the world and their life as valid. That not everything has to be a color coded, minimalist, sparse aesthetic – that meaningfully organized could be colorful, spatial, spilling over, and so much more. That people could design the structure, rather than forcing themselves to fit into a given one.

And now, Ryder has published a book about the system, The Bullet Journal Method, to share more of the story. To be honest, I was surprised too see how thick this book was! When I dove into it, I realized it’s because Ryder went all out in the stories AND research about why this system can be beneficial and why it resonates with so many people.

As a reflective person myself, I found myself re-energized to do more goal setting and journaling… which does NOT happen often, I can tell you that!

Win your own copy of the Bullet Journal Method and an official bullet journal Leuchtturm notebook!

So anyway, it is about damn time I got this post up so I can GIVE AWAY a copy of the Bullet Journal Method AND an Official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm notebook.

To enter the bullet journal giveaway, it’s simple:

  • Follow me (@prettyprintsandpaper) and the Bullet Journal (@bulletjournal) on Instagram
  • Comment on this blog post below by sharing 1) your Instagram handle and 2) your most useful Collection or List you have in your bullet journal (could be hypothetical if you haven’t started one yet!)

That’s all! This giveaway will be for US participants and you can enter until 11:59pm 10/25/2018. I’ll announce a winner on Instagram and you will have 24 hours to claim your prize.

Good luck!!!


149 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Method Book + Leuchtturm Giveaway

  1. Thank you for this! I’ve only been bullet journaling for a couple of months so I haven’t set up any big collections yet, as I’m trying to get familiar with the system, but I’m hoping to start a collection to organize and keep track of ALL the online classes I want to take! Also, a to-do list is a MUST on each of my weekly spreads.

    @flourishingblots on IG!


  2. @meghanaurora

    I work in a very digitally based company and moved from written to a digital bullet journal on OneNote. I keep a ‘smile file’ of accomplishments, notes of affirmation from colleagues, etc, to remind myself of the good things I’ve done. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to work and can get so focused on “the next thing” that i quickly move on after big project accomplishments.

    Would love to get back into using a written bujo for my personal/home life ☺️


    My favorite list is my “pictures I need to take” list. I love doing photo challenges of just regular, daily moments. I also like to catch similar photos each season or year.

    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!


  4. 1. @davisgt253@msn.com
    2. Lists of books to read, followed by list of books I have read. I used to keep th list of books to read electronically and I would frequently find myself in used bookstores fumbling around while my phone tried to connect…


  5. My IG is @gaeshagirlcreations.

    My most useful collection is my migraine and headache trackers. I make one every month, and I’m still trying to find out if it correlates with anything. I get migraines and headaches often, but not often enough that it’s chronic.


  6. 1) @lkeners
    2) My most useful collection changes regularly — at the moment, it’s a list of how much firewood we’re burning this season!


  7. 1) @lilonbroadway
    2) Workout tracker, combined with my habit one (so I can see when I’ve had too many sweets and it’s time for the gym! 🙈)


  8. 1) @maekay

    2) I have found the most useful list for me is sitting down every morning and evening and making a to do/ to done list. I write what I need to get done and at the end of the day I check off what I did AND I write in other things I did because sometimes I end up getting NOTHING done that I originally intended but I did a million other things that day. So instead of counting the day as a loss because I didn’t get my list done, I give myself credit for what I did get done.


  9. 1.) @catygrams
    2.) definitely my self check ups. once a month (normally mid way through) I’ll check in with myself and see how close to accomplishing my goals for that month are and how i can get there. This includes checking up on myself and how I’m doing physically and mentally. If those aren’t taken care of then how can i accomplish my goals?


  10. @talia_akerman
    The most useful collection I have is my mood tracker to see how I make progress little bits at a time. It’s hreat to look back and see how far I’ve come even if I’m a day to day basis it doesn’t feel like it :’)


  11. 1) @imagineinks
    2) my read and to be read book list. I’m a huge bookworm and love to keep track of everything I’ve already gone through and the ones I’m looking forward to reading.


  12. @schampagne_

    I’ve been bullet journaling for a year and it’s definitely helped me stay organized while working and doing my masters. I find that as unglamorous as it is, my assignments list are the most useful. Color coordinated for classes, listed by due dates, it’s a super practical list that helps me game plan for the full 16 weeks of chaos.


  13. @rgomez13

    I use my bullet journal to project plan for different aspects of my business from designing my new website to mind mapping how to organize my client digital files.


  14. 1. @hortmeierclarke
    2. I started an expenses list while I was in Europe in the summer of 2017. It helped me see what I was spending money on and not go over budget on my trip! I took that same list set up and used it for months back home. I’ve since migrated that into an excel file, but it was so useful!


  15. • My Instagram handle is @_livingtheclassylife_
    • Currently, my favorite spread is my weekly overview page. I include a brain dump of the major things that should get done that week, meal planning, cleaning lists, etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m so excited to get to the why/reflection of everything, not just the how/planning.


  16. Hey! I’m atleyo, and my most useful bujo pages are my year-at-a-glance and my weekly layout to-do lists. Keeps me on point! I also started journaling a couple years ago based on Ryder Carrols method, and I get so much inspiration from the online community that has boomed from that! His book is already on my Christmas list, lol, I’d be pumped to win!!


  17. 1) @srbanana13
    2) My favorite list right now is gratitude. Trying to really focus on positives in my life to turn things around.


  18. 1) xheidimaay

    2) My most useful collection would definitely be my habit tracker! I love having an overview of what habits are progressing and which ones I need to work on. It’s makes me feel more productive and closer to my goals 🙂 My Expense tracker is also a tool that I can’t live without! It really makes me more mindful of what I am spending on.


  19. @sweettor
    #1 list hands down is my mood tracker. This helps me realize how many more good days I have over bad… with a struggle with depression this helps me stay uplifted. Sounds silly- but it works for me.


  20. 1. miyokoserrato

    2. I haven’t started a bullet journal yet but iguess that the list that would be more usefull to me would be one that keeps track of the amount of water I drink a day, and maybe a list of inspirational quotes I love to keep me going and working hard on a daily basis 🙂


  21. 1. @happymikoyoishappy
    2. The list I find most usefull in my bullet journa is the one that keeps track of all of my important events of the month, for example a concert or a birthday, that surely can’t be forgotten!


  22. 1) handle is @souljafetus
    2) some of my most useful spreads/collections have been my self care ideas list, my mood/symptom trackers (i’ve been working on keeping my mental health and chronic pain/disability in check) and my phases of the moon calendar. When things get difficult/if i’m foggy I can always take a step back to refer to my self care list, write down how i’m feeling to find patterns in cause/effect and I like setting intentions with the moon cycle as a mindfulness and reflective practice! But honestly I also just find the bullet journal systemic general to be very encouraging of mindfulness to begin with.


  23. @Butterfly_emerging

    I am new to bujo but I’m excited to make a collection of self care ideas to share with my clients 😊💗🦋

    Love your page; thanks for your content!


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