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Are you looking for calligraphy, bullet journal, or creative planning classes in Minnesota and other areas? Are you looking for a speaker at your next event about creativity, perfectionism, personal leadership, or self care?

Learn brush calligraphy by taking lettering classes with Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper in Minnesota

For years, I’ve been working as a curriculum writer and teacher, always learning about how to better create spaces for students’ process. Teaching is something I love to do. My belief is that we can all learn anything if we had the right space to do it – so I try to create those spaces in my workshops.

My workshops and classes have a mix of demonstration and instruction, practice time, some individual attention, jokes, and hopefully some laughter. I care most about holding a casual atmosphere that invites questions, experimentation, play, and for participants to get what they want out of the time together. At the heart, I want people to feel like creative planning and calligraphy are skills they can actually do.

Through these classes I tend to infuse messages around self-care, personal leadership, writing your own story, empowerment, and creativity. I find that planning, bullet journaling, and calligraphy are amazing ways to learn about ourselves, and it’s fun for me to bring those elements into our time together. These are topics I care deeply about, and if you already follow my #realtalk captions on my Instagram feed, you have a sense of what I bring as an engaging and dynamic public speaker as well.

I teach classes through a variety of venues, as well as individual lessons and private classes. Just ask!

What the students are saying…

Jessica was born to teach. She teaches the class in a way that all levels of calligraphers can benefit from and makes sure you are having fun along the way. She has so much knowledge and encouragement to offer, while challenging you to really hone in on your natural skills and style. Not to mention that she is a kick butt human being with wisdom to share beyond her years.” – Montana, 21

Jessica is a wonderful teacher ~ patient, intuitive and energetic. She is generous in sharing her own process and encouraging students to create their own. The class was informative, helpful and Fun!” – Deb

Jessica’s videos on planning and hand lettering are of the best I have encountered. Helpful advice; very creative; interesting videos that are specific and well-structured. Please keep up the good work!” -Cat

You are amazing!!!! I have tried to do calligraphy but I think I caught on!!” – Kristi

Jessica was fantastic! Fun and great at answering questions. I actually feel like I can do this (with practice :)!)

Excellent breakdown of letter formation. I found the class to feel very supportive of all skill levels so I could feel more confident.

Photo courtesy of Grace Vo

Lettering and Calligraphy Workshops

Intro to Modern Brush Calligraphy with Watercolor Techniques Wet Paint Art, St. Paul, MN
2:00 – 4:30pm | Saturday, November 16, 2019
Calligraphy – in so many exciting new forms – is bursting into the 21st Century from the age of quills and Ye Olde Times. Building on your understanding of basic cursive, Jessica will walk you through beginning modern brush writing by covering a brief history of calligraphy, supplies, the anatomy of a letter, and the basic strokes of the alphabet. Special for this class, we will also learn how to use watercolor for brush calligraphy. Supplies are NOT included; please bring a brush pen and a round 0 or 1 paintbrush

“I’ve been trying to learn brush calligraphy for months but this was the first time I really got it – thank you!” – Ashley

Brush Calligraphy LAB Minneapolis, MN
6:30 – 9:00pm | Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Ever wanted to learn how to do brush calligraphy for yourself? You’ve seen it on stationery, cute Pinterest photos, and wedding signs, and now you can learn how to begin your own calligraphy practice. Join Jessica to learn about supplies, how to hold your pen, basic strokes, how to draw each letter to build words. Leave with the skills to continue your practice, handouts, resources, tools and your first piece. Includes a ton of great beginning supplies!

Introduction to Modern Brush Calligraphy  Carver Junk Company, Chaska, MN
11:00am – 1:00pm | Sunday, October 27, 2019
Have you been admiring the brush script that seems to be everywhere? Interested in trying to learn for yourself? Join us in learning the basic strokes and drills to make letters and words as a new artistic outlet and self-care practice. Leave with some of her favorite beginner brush pens, worksheets, techniques to continue your learning, and a piece of your own work to take home. Supplies are included in the fee.

*NEW* Calligraphy, Continued Wet Paint Art, St. Paul, MN
10:00am – 12:00pm | Saturday, October 12, 2019
For those who have been practicing their calligraphy and want to deepen their skills, I am finally offering a 2.0 course! For those who have a basic understanding of brush calligraphy (read: NOT mastery!), this session will expand on your skills by covering capital letters, various styles, and basic flourishing. Similar to my Intro classes, we will break the techniques down, practice, and play. Bring your favorite brush pens to work with, or purchase them at the shop. Pens are NOT included in the fee.

*NEW* Calligraphy, Continued Carver Junk Company, Chaska, MN
2:00pm – 4:00pm | Sunday, October 27, 2019
So maybe you’ve taken an intro class, or have practiced a lot on your own… now what? I am finally offering a next step! For those who have a basic understanding of brush calligraphy (read: NOT mastery!), this session will expand on your skills by covering capital letters, various styles, and basic flourishing. Similar to my Intro classes, we will break the techniques down, practice, and play. Bring your favorite brush pens to work with. Each student will receive worksheets and two brush pens.

Past lettering workshops have been at Wet Paint Art in St. Paul, ModernWell, Carver Junk Company, during yoga and mindfulness retreats, for 35 young aspiring businesswomen, for up to 200 conference participants, women’s camps at DuNord, teen birthday parties

Journaling Workshops

Unofficial Bullet Journal Meet Up Wet Paint Art, St. Paul MN
TBD, December 2019
These are fun opportunities for bullet journal fans of all stages (beginner to super experienced) to get together and nerd out about layouts, ideas, pens, and inspiration. Bring your supplies, journals, and questions and get ready to talk and connect!

Unlock Your Planner Potential
Online with Brit + Co
If you’re hoping for planner peace, I offer some options in this online class. Honestly the hardest part about finding peace is knowing what it is that works for you and your unique life. I walk through possibilities with you for planning options and strategies, and you work through the Brit+Co workbook to identify what you might be looking for.

Finding Your Journaling and Planner Peace Wet Paint Art, St. Paul MN
5:30 – 7:00pm | Thursday, December 12, 2019
Preparing for the new year is an exciting period of possibility, where some of us are committed to finally getting organized and using a planner. Join Jessica of Pretty Prints and Paper to explore various planning systems and figure out what works best for you. We’ll also talk about some tips and tricks to add some creativity into your system and ways to personalize your planner to best suit you and your unique life.  Bring your favorite planners, notebooks, and pens!

Private Classes, Lessons, and Workshops

I love working with individuals and small groups where I can tailor my lessons for whatever you or the group needs.

Please work with me via email ( to outline what would work best for you and for pricing. Here are a few things that I will ask:

  • Preferred dates/times
  • Estimated number of people (there is a minimum of 4 people for private classes)
  • What you’re hoping for in the workshop/lesson. Some typical workshops include:
    • Brush calligraphy
    • Creative journaling
    • Self care
    • Stenciling and watercolor techniques
  • Where you’d like to host the class

I look forward to working with you!

Teaching for the second time at the Pinner’s Conference in Minnesota!

Conferences & Camps

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing about creative planning and calligraphy in a variety of settings. Catch me at upcoming planner conferences!

Past conferences and meet ups have included Minnesota Planner Addicts, Chicago Planner Conference

Sugary Gal Shop New York Planner Conference
Saturday, September 14, 2019
At this NYC gathering I’ll be doing a brush calligraphy workshop to introduce participants to the art of lettering. Supplies will be sponsored by the generous Tombow. Get ready to have some fun and learn something new! Did I mention it’s in Times Square and there will be TONS OF SWAG?? 

Chicago Planner Conference (SOLD OUT)
February 15 – 17, 2018
I will be returning to Chicago to host two workshop sessions at this conference- Planning for Self-Care and Cocktails + Calligraphy!! If you’re looking for an AMAZING time with an incredibly warm and welcoming community, I suggest snagging tickets to CPC this fall. The swag and laughs will be more than worth it.