Since the paper-planner trend has become popular again, I embraced the many Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and blogs.  I’ve been a planner since I was very young but it was so energizing to see the excitement amongst people post-college and in such creative ways – it was like candy to scroll through all the options I had never known about.

My screen name, PrettyPrintsandPaper has a fourth P- “productivity.”  I love looking at all the beautiful layouts and decorations, but I knew in my mind that wasn’t how I actually got stuff done.  That’s when I noticed a shift in the planner community – a yearning to go back to basics and focus on planners as a way to be purposeful in life, rather than so much as the “what” in and of itself.  I have always loved that Kim at TinyRayofSunshine has hosted the #BulletJournalChallenge as a way to focus on the actual system of planning, so I wanted to do the same for the larger planner community.

Prompts for the Plan With Me August Challenge
Click to download the printable file

Thus, the #PlanWithMeAugust challenge was born.  We collaborated on a strong list of prompts to see how each of us uses our system, hoping to gather the wisdom that exists in the community.  I know we are smarter, stronger, better together than alone, so I’m excited to see what you will bring.  This will help us get ideas for our own system while also helping others figure out where to take their own.

UPDATE: Some guiding thoughts

  • We invite you to follow along on our Instagram accounts, @prettyprintsandpaper and @tinyrayofsunshine
  • Expand on your answer to the prompt in your Instagram post as if you would explain to a friend how you do it, using #planwithmeaugust
  • Try to identify the supplies you’re using – pens, notebooks, inserts, printables, dori covers, etc
  • If there’s a prompt you think is missing, add it anyway! This is to help us plan better, so if you think it will help, don’t hesitate to add to the conversation

I’ll post on the blog about my own system and of course see what you’re up to. Join us for some or all of the challenge!




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