#RockYourHandwriting Archive

Welcome to the #RockYourHandwriting Challenge! Join us and many other folks who wanted a reason to set aside time every day to practice their handwriting.  Between this and practicing my calligraphy and lettering, my cursive has actually improved – which was a little surprising to me!  Hopefully you have seen improvement as well, if you’re returning!

First hosted by me (@prettyprintsandpaper), Dee Quine (@DecadeThirty), Kim (@TinyRayofSunshine), and Kara (@Boho.Berry), we are now transitioning to a new hosting team.  This page explains how the challenge works, and catalogs all our previous challenges.


PROMPTS. There are prompts, one for every day – there are a mix of drills, writing prompts, and applications. If it’s a drill, practice writing the words for a page or so – working on consistency.  If it’s a prompt, for example “quote of the day,” then you’d write down whatever quote you want, working on intentionality.  Other things are applications – which means if it’s “Thank you note,” for example, then you’re practicing handwriting doing a familiar task in a new way.  Simply take a photo of your work and share on Instagram with the hashtags.

ENGAGE. Take a peek through the Instagram hashtag (#rockyourhandwriting) or the Facebook group and engage with others in the challenge – like, comment, encourage, and offer feedback.  Most of the joy is doing this in community rather than by ourselves.

SPREAD THE WORD – the more the merrier with this Instagram challenge, so repost the image below, tag a friend, and use the hashtag #RockYourHandwriting and the other hashtags you usually use.  If you are so inspired, we are also on Facebook! Join us there if you aren’t on IG, or just want a forum to share your work with other.

SUPPLIES? You don’t need anything fancy for gear – some people do these challenges right in their planner, others dedicate a separate planner or notebook for them.  I have been doing them in my Rhodia notebook or on scraps of Rhodia grid paper.  Some of my favorite things to use are featured here.

INVITATION. Join us when you can, on days you can! Its never too late. It’s an invitation not an expectation – it’s supposed to be a fun way we can all work on our handwriting together, so even if you miss a few days (we all do) just jump back in!


We were originally going to take a break for September, in order to find new challenge hosts. But because the online communities are SO AMAZING, people have rallied together to create a #RockYourHandwriting challenge for September to keep the community going.  I could cry, I’m so happy and grateful for all of you. Special shout out to Hlátra-Björg Torfadóttir for spearheading, Emily Eshmade for the graphic, and Rebekah McNulty, Melissa Spradley, Amy M. Whitaker-Larson, Marilena Verheus, Iole Quercia, Anna TheRooms Giacopelli, Sheila Odle, Rachel Barrett, Diana Gilmore, Alana Beattie, Alaine Medio, Bonny Allen Coxwell and Phil Clubley for their ideas.

Work on your handwriting in community with this month's #RockYourHandwriting challenge!

Here are the past challenges we’ve run!


I’m excited to see what you share – I hope you join us, and good luck!