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I’m Jessica and I am a huge enthusiast for calligraphy, bullet journaling, lettering, and creative endeavors in general.

I started this site in 2015 as a way to share some of my journey as I learn and grow in these realms, and using these mediums as a way to cultivate an intentional and beautiful life. If you’re looking for inspiration or guidance on how the bullet journal system can help you create a purposeful (or at least less stressful!) life, inspiration and tutorials for learning hand lettering, or ways you can engage with a community of these awesome #bulletjournaljunkies and #planneraddicts, you are in the right place!

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What I Do


I'd love to help you with your custom designs and projects!


Where can you take calligraphy or planning classes in Minnesota? Well, you’re lookin’ at her.

Online Classes

Want to learn, but live outside of Minnesota or have a busy schedule? These classes are for you.

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Let's work together to share about products and services that would benefit the community

What My Students are Saying

  • Kristi
    You are amazing!!!! I have tried to do calligraphy but I think I caught on!!
  • Cat
    Jessica’s videos on planning and hand lettering are of the best I have encountered. Helpful advice; very creative; interesting videos that are specific and well-structured. Please keep up the good work!
  • Deb
    Jessica is a wonderful teacher ~ patient, intuitive and energetic. She is generous in sharing her own process and encouraging students to create their own. The class was informative, helpful and Fun!
  • Montana, 21
    Jessica was born to teach. She teaches the class in a way that all levels of calligraphers can benefit from and makes sure you are having fun along the way. She has so much knowledge and encouragement to offer while challenging you to really hone in on your natural skills and style. Not to mention that she is a kick-butt human being with wisdom to share beyond her years.
    Montana, 21
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