I've loved lettering since I was little - what started as a way to add some pizazz in a picture or notes evolved into a craft that I love honing as an adult.  As the world of pens and markers gets bigger and easier to access, I get to experiment with a whole lot of new stuff. (AKA anything from Japan, amirite?) So here's where I compile my lettering-related madness, including experiments, how tos, demos, and more!

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  • Beginner Calligraphy Gift Ideas
    Are you looking for gift ideas for a friend starting to learn lettering and brush calligraphy? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite beginner supply sets […]
  • Online Calligraphy Course is LIVE!
    So, I started teaching brush calligraphy in 2016. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people the art of lettering face to face. We laugh, we curse, […]
  • Free Hamilton Calligraphy Practice Sheet
    Hamilton Calligraphy Practice Sheet + Update
    It's time to give an update on the last few months and share a free calligraphy worksheet.
  • Modern Brush Calligraphy Flourish Worksheet
    Free Flourish Practice Sheet – Updated!
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve missed you all! I keep thinking of blog posts… kind of detailing them, sometimes creating the images… […]
  • the new Kelly Creates small brush pens are now at michael's! Here's my review
    Review: Kelly Creates Small Brush Pens
    The new Kelly Creates small brush pens are now at michael's! Here's my review of how they write and compare to popular brush pens like the Pentel Sign Brush Pen.
  • Free Downloadable: You are the one
    It's been a minute since I've shared a free printable or downloadable, and I have to say I am in love with this quote and the way the background turned out. And now I am sharing a calligraphy downloadable with you, in case you want a reminder for yourself!
  • Sharing just a few tips for how you move from drawing letters to connecting them!
    Brush Calligraphy 101: Connecting Letters
    I ran into a friend who is practicing brush calligraphy, and although her individual letters were turning out beautifully, connecting them seemed to be a very different challenge.  I've taught a few brush calligraphy classes and this is definitely a transition point for learners as we add the pieces together to create words - so today, I'm sharing two huge tips on how I learned to practice connecting my calligraphy letters.
  • Review: Crayola Brush & Detail Markers
    Love knowing what new pens are out there? Looking for a possible birthday or holiday gift for a budding brush calligraphy fan? You may have seen the new Crayola Brush & Detail markers on the shelves and wonder how they are before you spend the money - today I share my review of these new brush pens, how they write, pros and cons, and whether I recommend them!


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