Brush Calligraphy: Gradients and Blending

I’ve long been enamored by the many artists I follow on Instagram that seem to effortlessly blend their brush calligraphy pens, but struggled to get that effect myself.  Sometimes, inspiration strikes and you discover something that works best for you and your style, and I’ve created some fun pieces. Want to recreate it for yourself? Keep reading and I’ll share how I’ve been using my Tombow dual brush pens to get a gradient and blended look. … More Brush Calligraphy: Gradients and Blending


Top 5 Favorite Posts of 2016

This blog has created opportunities I never imagined. Not only in a side-hustle fashion, but as a reminder that life is always unfolding and that you will become things you didn’t think were possible. It reminds me that I am always evolving and growing, and to never close myself off to possibility – and on the flip side, to follow my curiosity and see where it could lead. With that, I present my personal top 5 favorite bullet journal and handlettering blog posts of the past year. … More Top 5 Favorite Posts of 2016