5 Awesome (and affordable!) Pens for Beginners Brush Calligraphy

Today I share my 5 recommendations for beginners wanting to learn brush calligraphy – that AREN’T Tombow dual brush pens. Let’s dive in! … More 5 Awesome (and affordable!) Pens for Beginners Brush Calligraphy


[+Video] Comparing Brush Pens

Thanks to those who joined me on Periscope Saturday! Aside from knowing where to start, lettering enthusiasts are always looking to get new toys and play with pens. You may have missed the Periscope but you can catch the replay here: https://katch.me/embed/v/626c1961-02e4-3dbd-9021-9c12b0632f5c?sync=1 Don’t have 20 minutes to watch? Here are some highlights: I attempted to introduce the pens … More [+Video] Comparing Brush Pens

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Since I was young, I’ve always LOVED pens and markers. Some see this as probably a strange obsession, hoarding, or unnecessary, but especially the Bullet Journal community knows that your pen is your tool.  Finding favorite pens was is like a never ending and joyful hunt. Over time and through decades (whoa that’s weird) of … More My stuff: Pens