Intro to Modern Brush Calligraphy

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Have you wanted to learn Brush Calligraphy but didn’t think you could? Maybe it hasn’t clicked for you yet? Whether you want to make cards, decorate your planner, or just have a relaxing hobby for yourself, I break this art form down into digestible parts for you to practice. Having taught thousands of people how to do calligraphy and my background in teaching, I have picked up tricks and tips to help you along the way – while having some fun. 

Purchase this brush calligraphy class as a gift to yourself or your friends and family, and pair it with a bundle of Beginner Calligraphy Supplies!

My favorite supplies for beginners include:

More recommendations for a beginner calligraphy supply kit can be found locally at Wet Paint Art (St. Paul, Minnesota) or here.

Not ready to dive in yet? Check out my resources on my blog, Instagram, or YouTube Channel.

This post includes affiliated links, meaning if you happen to make a purchase I make a small commission that comes back into supporting this blog.

  • Introduction to the Course

    Welcome to the course! Get a sneak peek:

  • Tools

    I review the necessary tools for this course, including a small brush pen, large brush pen, and the printed worksheets (included with purchase). Tracing paper is optional.

  • Positioning and Grip

    Before we even put pen to paper, start breaking your handwriting habits with these important tips about holding the pen.

  • Drills

    These are the building blocks of the alphabet! You'll be surprised how much your calligraphy practice flourishes from practicing these basic drills.

  • Lowercase Letters

    After learning the basics, we'll go into letters. This is where you can pace yourself - take your time by pausing and revisiting in smaller chunks, or breeze through if you're reviewing.

  • Connections

    Individual letters lead us into doing connected words - there are some tricky ones, though!

  • Closing

    Some words of encouragement <3


Jessica is.a Minnesotan handlettering artist, leadership educator, and bullet journal blogger. She is passionate about working with people to uncover their personal power and potential through connection, creative planning, and calligraphy. You can find her at a local ice cream shop, teaching, on Instagram (@prettyprintsandpaper)

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