Intro to Modern Brush Calligraphy

  • Introduction to the Course

    Welcome to the course! Get a sneak peek:

  • Tools

    I review the necessary tools for this course, including a small brush pen, large brush pen, and the printed worksheets (included with purchase). Tracing paper is optional.

  • Positioning and Grip

    Before we even put pen to paper, start breaking your handwriting habits with these important tips about holding the pen.

  • Drills

    These are the building blocks of the alphabet! You'll be surprised how much your calligraphy practice flourishes from practicing these basic drills.

  • Lowercase Letters

    After learning the basics, we'll go into letters. This is where you can pace yourself - take your time by pausing and revisiting in smaller chunks, or breeze through if you're reviewing.

  • Connections

    Individual letters lead us into doing connected words - there are some tricky ones, though!

  • Closing

    Some words of encouragement <3

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