Supply Recommendations

Supply Recommendations

So you’ve seen a post or heard about the trends and you’re wondering how to get started with bullet journaling or brush calligraphy? Let me share with you some of my favorite supply recommendations.

I’ve been experimenting and playing with a lot of different mediums since 2015, so let me share some of my experiences with you!

Please note: Some of these are affiliate links; if you happen to purchase something (at no additional cost to you), I make a small commission that helps me keep this website going. Thank you for your support!

Favorite Supplies For Brush Calligraphy

Small Brush Pens:

Large Brush Pens:


Get started with your brush calligraphy in my online course!


Favorite Supplies For Bullet Journaling


  • Archer & Olive Notebooks (especially for those who like to use paints and juicy markers)
  • Official Bullet Journal Edition 2 notebook (restocked in early 2021)
  • Clever Fox  (more affordable, can handle some light watercolor, minimal ghosting)
  • Rhodia Goalbook (slightly off-white, coated Clairfontaine paper, great for fountain pens and some ink)




Favorite Supplies For Alcohol Ink Art

Want More?

Check out more of my favorites on Amazon.

What else?

I’ve done and played with a LOT of other supplies – if you are wondering about other stuff, feel free to email me at


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