[+Video] Comparing Brush Pens

Thanks to those who joined me on Periscope Saturday! Aside from knowing where to start, lettering enthusiasts are always looking to get new toys and play with pens. You may have missed the Periscope but you can catch the replay here: https://katch.me/embed/v/626c1961-02e4-3dbd-9021-9c12b0632f5c?sync=1 Don’t have 20 minutes to watch? Here are some highlights: I attempted to introduce the pens … More [+Video] Comparing Brush Pens

January Reflections & February Set Up Process

I usually post on Sundays but in light of prepping for February, I’m posting today! The beautiful thing about the Bullet Journal is that you can customize it endlessly – so it also feels like you have to get it just perfect with the right layouts or stuff.  This can be crippling – and with the constant flood of … More January Reflections & February Set Up Process