March 26, 2017
How do you keep track of what you want to learn about in your bullet journal? Check out how I'm learning about local politics - maybe it will help you learn about whatever you want to learn about, too!

Bullet Journal for Learning: Citizenship & Politics

As I continue learning as an adult, I've been compelled to learn more about local politics - but whether that's your jam or not, see how I'm using my bullet journal to track my progress and my learning.
August 18, 2016
Ideas for how you can use the bullet journal for work

How to Bullet Journal for Work: An Update

One of my never-ending quests is utilizing the bullet journal system for work – to make the most of my time toward the right things.  As […]
August 3, 2015
My sketch notes of a conference session

How do I: Take notes? Sketchnotes!

So as my IG handle suggests, paper is a pretty broad topic – and that was intentional because I love many things paper-related, and wanted to keep […]