January 25, 2017

Welcome to the February #PlanWithMeChallenge

Join Kim (@TinyRayofSunshine), Kara (@Boho.Berry), and me (@prettyprintsandpaper) in the #PlanWithMeChallenge! Today I'll share how it works and how you can play along.
January 22, 2017

Bullet Journal in the Passion Planner

If you've been following along on Instagram, you know I've been experimenting with using the bullet journal system inside a pre-structured planner - the Passion Planner. I share how I usually set my stuff up, how I've translated it to a Passion Planner, and then my reflections so far.
January 15, 2017

Bullet Journaling and Minimalism with @sixth_and_forth

The bullet journal bug is catching on with more new faces - and I'm particularly excited to share Allison's post with you today. She is bringing in discussions about bullet journaling intersecting with sustainable and minimalist living - something I hope we can share more of in the future.
January 8, 2017

Dear Bullet Journal Newbie

After using the bullet journal for a year and a half, I wanted to share a few thoughts with bullet journal newbies!
December 31, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Posts of 2016

This blog has created opportunities I never imagined. Not only in a side-hustle fashion, but as a reminder that life is always unfolding and that you will become things you didn't think were possible. It reminds me that I am always evolving and growing, and to never close myself off to possibility - and on the flip side, to follow my curiosity and see where it could lead. With that, I present my personal top 5 favorite bullet journal and handlettering blog posts of the past year.
December 29, 2016

Practicing Self-Care? Join the #cultivatingcare

Make self-care and mental health a bigger part of your life in 2017 through the #CultivatingCare practice hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper and @fischrjournals
December 23, 2016

It’s January’s Rock Your Handwriting Challenge!

Join @prettyprintsandpaper, @tinyrayofsunshine, @decadethirty and @boho.berry in another RockYourHandwriting Challenge this month! Here's how it works and how you can join in!
December 21, 2016

Welcome to the January #PlanWithMeChallenge

Today, Kim (@TinyRayofSunshine), Kara (@Boho.Berry), and I are bringing you the first #PlanWithMeChallenge of 2017! Today I'll share how it works and how you can play along.
December 18, 2016

Calligraphy with Crayola

I love lettering and calligraphy with Crayola markers - but how do you do it and what do you start with? Today I'll do a crash course on my reviews and suggestions for the broad tip markers and super tips so you can get started with your own Crayligraphy practice.


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