Get ready for the September #RockYourHandwriting Challenge

Welcome to September’s #RockYourHandwriting Challenge! We love that there are so many other folks who wanted a reason to set aside time every day to practice their handwriting.  Between this and practicing my calligraphy and lettering, my cursive has actually improved – which was a little surprising to me!  Hopefully you have seen improvement as well, if you’re returning! … More Get ready for the September #RockYourHandwriting Challenge

My Handwriting and Lettering: Serif + Practice Sheet

This is the second in my handwriting and lettering series – I started this last month in response to questions about how to “write like me” or what fonts I used to letter with. This series will feature some videos, tips, resources, and lettering practice sheets to get started. How to letter: Serifs Sometimes you want to shake … More My Handwriting and Lettering: Serif + Practice Sheet

My Handwriting & Lettering Part 1: Script

Hello handwriting and lettering enthusiasts! Ever since #RockYourHandwriting started a while back I’ve gotten so many requests to share practice sheets for my handwriting and general admiration in general, which, honestly, is really strange for me since I’ve never seen my handwriting in that way! Also, folks in the planner community have begun infusing lettering … More My Handwriting & Lettering Part 1: Script

#RockYourHandwriting in April + Giveaway!

Since the first #RockYourHandwriting challenge, we’ve seen over 16,000 shares on Instagram. WHO KNEW so many of you wanted to work on your handwriting? I hope you saw some progress or other benefits to having time set aside to practice day to day. We’ve decided to make it even MORE fun by making this month’s challenge Won’t … More #RockYourHandwriting in April + Giveaway!

Lettering and Handwriting Worksheets: Roundup

Today on Instagram I posted a photo for the #RockYourHandwriting challenge of all my many handwriting and lettering worksheets and guides – which, turns out, is a lot of them. See exhibit A…. Since so many people are refining their craft, I compiled a list of my favorite folks providing practice guides. So here’s the down … More Lettering and Handwriting Worksheets: Roundup